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Unauthorized Photographer Passes Joe Biden's Secret Service Security Team to Gather in Press Pit by Plane

A press photographer was removed by the Secret Service after managing to find his way past security and get close to Presidential candidate Joe Biden a number of days ago. The photographer, who is yet to be named in the media, got as far as the press pool directly underneath Biden’s plane.

This occurred in Pennsylvania, at Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, on Friday. The photographer was able to get through to the plane’s left wing, where there was a press pool of journalists and photographers, while not authorized to be there. That is despite the plane being surrounded on all sides by SS agents, as well as other authorities and an eight-car motorcade.

Speaking to CBS News, the airport's general manager Chad Gontkovic said:

The man apparently either jumped a green, six-foot fence near the small terminal where a few dozen people gathered or entered the tarmac through an unauthorized pedestrian gate.

An official statement has now been issued by the Secret Service, addressing the situation:

A member of the media who was credentialed for an event earlier in the day attempted to gain access to the airport tarmac for the departure of Presidential Candidate Biden. The individual encountered law enforcement, disregarded their instructions, and accessed the tarmac. U.S. Secret Service personnel apprehended the individual and escorted him from the area.

Needless to say the situation could have been sinister, and as such is being taken incredibly seriously by authorities involved.

Lead image: Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School, by Phil Roeder, via Flickr CC.

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Garrett Reid's picture

Goodness this is sensationalized. Doesn’t sound like anything of significants actually happened here. That’s all we know for sure at this time. If it comes out that he was planning to attack the VP then yeah, that’s news. Yet another step for FS on it’s journey to becoming a sudo photography tabloid site.

microteck's picture

Did the guy take any interesting photographs? If yes, let's see them. If no, who gives a crap.

dale clark's picture

Click bait. If you id a person by person check, you will find unauthorized people at every political event. Less so nowadays...but still a normal occurrence

John Ohle's picture

Big deal. I've had to do that myself when my client forgot to organise accreditation for me when a royal head of state was visiting their premises. And that was not the first time I have had to blag my way in somewhere. It's part of the job.