[Video] Become a Professional Photographer in One Week (or not)

Another humorous video from Kai over at DigitalRev has him training a complete newbie to try and pass him off as a pro photographer in under a week of not so intense training. Then they face him off against a real pro in a final challenge with Hasselblad Master Eric Wong as the judge. Will the judge know the difference? Can Kai's fake pull it off? Watch to find out.

via [DigitalRev]
From Kenn:
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Wonderful! And hilarious. Love the post.

Wayne Leone's picture

That was very funny. Loved it.

made me and my girfriend so much fun watching it (=

Keep em coming Kai!! love it

Ken Yee's picture

LOL.  That was funny as hell.  Love the british accents too!
And Eric Wong's underwater shot is epic!  Nicely done...

kai's awesome, love his videos

Huge fan of Kai's stuff on DigitalRev. His series of Pro Photogs with Cheap Cameras is really entertaining.

He really is "the Jeremy Clarkson of Photography" - and I mean that in the most endearing way!

Michael Wessel's picture

This is a video that anyone who say that all it takes to be a photographer is a camera needs to watch.