[Video] Canon Commandos Against Nikon Terrorists

"A group of Canon commandos is sent out on a mission. Their objective: to save an innocent girl who has been taken hostage by Nikon terrorists. Who will ultimately win this battle?"

via [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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That was just crazy....Pocket Wizards dont misfire....

Tim Woodard's picture

That was crazy awesome! I have seen this being passed around for the last week, I am disappointed I didn't watch it till now.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Awesome and funny :)

LOL!!!! Super!

Every time I see in a video photo gear performing and used like fire arms, I think that in some ways this kind of depiction endangers a bit real life photographers and jeopardize the entire profession. Not funny guys. Stop it!

Lighten up bro...

Andrew Barros's picture

why do nikons have to be the terrorists?

Someone has to be...

but its unfair jaja

Amazing!  So funny and well done!

When will people finally realize that canon / nikon users are not your enemy! We call need to find common ground, come together, and invest our energy in more important things - such as planning how to destroy all those evil and vile videographers! Kill! Kill!! KILL!!!


Grzegorz Kornijów's picture


Leonidas's picture

too funny 

Garth Vg's picture

This is awesome.  Great Video.

Nice vid. The ending I would have liked to see: The girl gets a present and it's a Sony SLR and she starts crying hahaha

Hahahaha!!! awesome! I love the irony and stupid humour. you guys must of had a wale of a time making this clip.