[Video Humor?] $7000 Leica M9 Painted Pink...Poorly

I'm usually not one to encourage totally mental behavior but I figured some of you maybe riding too high on holiday cheer. If so, this video is exactly what you need to bring you down. Watch as DigitalRevTV's Kai, fumbles about while painting a $7000 Leica M9 pink. Ya, you heard me!

via [LeicaRumors]
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When I was a kid I painted my Kodak Instamatic 104 black so it would look "Pro." 
I did just as bad a job.

Horrendous treatment.

Lol the producer let them do this if they reached their target like and follower targets….guess they did. gonna say that picture makes it look way better than it does.

hahaha...guess what i got kicked out and banned from their youtube channel after commenting on this video! I kinda made fun of them after watching this video and they erased and banned me. What was that all about? I just think they shouldn't be messing with a $7000+ camera like that. I bet they won't do this with a Hasselblad! 

I'm pretty sure they'd do it to a Hasselblad without too much care, especially given Kai actually *likes* Leicas!

Well it's DigitalRev, no wonder though Kai Man Wong is crazy man, he already painted D90 and D7000 pinkenta already :D

Btw they have another good vid about FS Stopper BTS contest judge "Chase Jarvis" on "Pro Photog Cheap Camera Challange"

Here's "The Link" : http://youtu.be/wX76k-chflo

Rutger Vermeulen's picture

Argggh he did it again! he just destroyed a pure design beauty..