View Lytro Images on 500px Starting Today

View Lytro Images on 500px Starting Today

Earlier this year Lytro and 500px announced a partnership that would allow images shot with the Lytro cameras to be shared, viewed and interacted with on 500px. Today that partnership took full form as Lytro is now on 500px, with a set of images taken on the new Illum ready to view right now.

500px has made a blog about the new Lytro page that you should most certainly check out here.

500px users with the new LYTRO ILLUM camera will now be able to upload Living Picture files and the community will be able to view them with their full 3D effects. Also of note is this: 500px users are offered the lowest price available for the LYTRO ILLUM, at $250 off the retail price.  

We are so excited to announce that for the first time ever, you will be able to experience the amazing Living Pictures within the 500px community for yourself!

For starters, check out Lytro’s new page on 500px. Here, we’ll be aggregating the best Living Pictures taken with the new LYTRO ILLUM. Lytro will be favoriting Living Pictures found on 500px and featuring them on their new page. Could yours be up there?

What started off as a camera that felt like a gimmick is starting to feel like a growing an accepted medium. This is great news for Lytro, and of course great news for the photographic community. 

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Anonymous's picture

It'd be an interesting tool for street photography, being so compact. Exploring the photos is a little awkward at first but it was easy to use once I figured it out.

Peter Stewart's picture

I lasted about 5 seconds on a couple of images before I got bored. The novelty value of this wears off pretty quickly. It is interesting tech, but a fad in the same sense as 3D stills cameras

Spy Black's picture

I would like this camera more if it was designed with a normal body design instead of that idiotic fashion statement, and had standard camera controls. The fact that it has neither keeps me away from this. It's a great idea, it just need s to be executed better.

Anonymous's picture

Whatever thing a living image is, not due to technolgy