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Washington Post Makes Egregious Cover Photo Error

Washington Post Makes Egregious Cover Photo Error

As far as typos and editorial errors go, this is a big one, particularly considering the cultural context. The question is: even if it was entirely an innocent mistake, what preconceptions does it indicate? 

We all know images are powerful tools to provoke and influence thought and opinion. But when we run that in reverse, what can we learn? What can an image tell us about the creator? 

The Women's March on Washington is shaping up to be the largest anti-Trump protest thus far, and as such, the Washington Post Express, the newspaper's free daily, made it their cover story. However, in doing so, they made a frankly shocking error, seen below:

In reporting on a march supporting women's rights, the paper made their cover image a group of people forming the male gender symbol. The paper quickly deleted the tweet, but not before print copies hit the streets and many registered their outrage. In response, they issued the following statements: 

Even if it was a simple error, many are pointing out that it indicates something is wrong either with the makeup of the editorial staff or the culture there. I personally think it's a valid point. What does this error say about our culture? 

[via Mashable]

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Joseph Barnett's picture

I actually do hope Planned Parenthood is defunded the $500 million of taxpayer money they get each year.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

Do they even have editors anymore? Or all freelance bloggers? Funny that no one wanted double check if they got the right symbol or even knew it was a symbol at all, probably just thought it was cool shape.
The dumbing down of America continues....

Gil Aegerter's picture

I worked as a newspaper editor for 25 years, and folks, this is a bad one. It indicates that the Post needs some scrutiny of its procedures. But it could also be a testament to the decline of editing resources.

BTW, all of the commenters here are male.

Robert Price's picture

Ito me it just goes to show that they are not really in tune at all with their stories. That is kinda hard to mistake the male symbol for the female one. Either way I think is ironically funny. March on women, you have it so hard in America.

Kirk Darling's picture

The error indicates that editors are not paying close enough attention these days. More likely, there isn't anyone with the specific task of copy editing and/or fact checking on that staff. I sincerely doubt a group of people in this PC era made a committee decision to slam women, and I doubt any individual was so ready to find a new job to have made such an individual decision. "Never attribute to malfeasance that which can be explained by stupidity."