A Weekly Comedy Web Series Aimed at Photographers

September 27th will see the release of "Shutterbugs", a comedy web series about a group of obsessive photographers. (Do you know anyone obsessed about photography? :P)

It would be nice to have a weekly series to make us laugh. The question is: Will we be laughing with it or at it?

via [Shutterbugs] [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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Looks SO bad..

Kenn Tam's picture

That's 1 vote for "laugh at". :)

There are bits that didn't seem all that bad. Unfortunately, they were outweighed by a lot of head-scratchingly bad bits. Namely the curly-haired guy who seems to "Jar-Jar" this little web series up nicely.

Hmm it looks alright, loving the line  'isn't everyone a social photographer', should be good but that curly haired guy needs to go

Iwan Wolkow's picture

Does not look promesing at all. 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmm.... always tough to live up to an expectation of "this will be funny". I'm sure Shutterbugs meant well.

(But thanks, Ken, for the varied/interesting posts)

Mr. Nuyoka's picture

I can only imagine what the poor sap who had to sit and edit this massive poop lard had to endure...

MYYYY kind of humor. GO GO GO! You're already in my bookmarks. 

Wow, i dont think it could look any worse. okay, it could be worse, but you know what Im saying.