White House Photographer Releases Favorite Images of Obama Through His Presidency

White House Photographer Releases Favorite Images of Obama Through His Presidency

As the end of Obama’s eight-year presidency comes to an end, official White House Photographer Pete Souza has unveiled a series of intimate photographs documenting the 44th President’s time in office. Allowed complete access to official activities, Souza claims to have taken over two million photos while occupying the position.

Souza, whose website lists him as Director of the White House photo office, became acquainted with Obama while working as a photojournalist at the Chicago Tribune during the then-Illinois senator’s first year in office. The freshly released series show Obama in a multitude of scenarios, from interacting with children to awaiting news of the 2011 attempt on Osama Bin Laden's life.

In a recent interview with NPR, Souza commented: "There's a certain daily grind to my job, but I'd say, once, twice, three, four, ten times a week, you realize that you are an eyewitness to history. And I always try to keep that forefront in my mind... I think this administration will go down in history — he'll go down in history as a great president. And just to have been there, to watch this from up close with a camera, has just been a remarkable opportunity."

You can view the gallery of 55 images below (click to enlarge).

Images courtesy of The White House. All photos by Pete Souza.

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so good!!!

So so good. I thought I couldn't like the guy more than I already did.

Amazing! He will definitely be missed. His charisma makes every photo work... I love the ones in the rain, it shows the struggle he went through in the past 8 years.

He will be missed, such a cool cat

I never knew he was a lefty. He'll be missed for sure.

We are gonna miss this guy in the next 4 years to come...never know how good you have something/someone until they aren't around anymore. Our country made a big mistake this week.

On a lighter note...top notch work here. I've followed him for years on Flickr.

What a great photographer. Always loved his compositions! There's a documentary on Peta Souza by Nat Geo, I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Didn't know that! Just moved to the top of my list for must watch shows.

My top pick; when he put his foot down on the weighting machine

Jerry Seinfeld: Awesome!