More Ways to Annoy a Photographer

Photographers frequently have to handle a wide range of annoying things from plenty of sources, ranging from customers to other photographers — so many things, in fact, that they could not be contained in just one video. So, here is another video of things that annoy photographers. 

Coming to you from Justin Mott, this cathartic video discusses some things that photographers find particularly annoying. One that always grates my nerves is seeing my photos on Instagram after being put through a glut of filters. Of course, I am happy that someone wants to share the images, but seeing them so heavily modified is doubly annoying, both because it can be a real insult to my own creativity and more so because I simply do not want a gaudy or tacky edit associated with my name. On the other hand, I understand that clients might not see it from this perspective. As such, I have made it a point to talk about this with clients before the shoot, and I have found that just a couple of minutes of education goes a long way, and I have not had this problem since. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Mott.

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Ray Runyan's picture

Don’t know how widespread this because we just see these articles from whining photographers but these articles don’t reflect well on this profession. If you work in a service industry such as a hotel or car dealership, your employer solicits reviews from customers and fires you if any one customer gives you less than 5 on a five point scale. If you are a scientist, everything you write, gets rejected the first time. It’s tough doing any job these days. Photographers are not unique. Suck it up.