100ASA: A Photo-Sharing Platform Worth Trying Now

100ASA: A Photo-Sharing Platform Worth Trying Now

If you’re a photographer who has tried using photo-sharing platforms, you might be familiar with the same problems that plague some of them. This can get pretty annoying. If you have been irritated by this, you might be happy to learn about 100ASA, a platform changing the game with its unique community-centered features.

What Are Some Problems With Photo-Sharing Websites Today? 

Back when I had just started taking pictures, I would often post them to various forums and places. Often, they had similar core functionality and differed in much more unimportant ways, such as website design or maximum upload size. One particular problem I found was "like for like." While likes boost engagement, some members would only like my images when I liked theirs back. It’s understandable, as everyone wants as many likes as possible, but it is pretty annoying, as it negatively impacts the number of likes a photo can get. The same applies to comments, where users comment for the sake of commenting rather than trying to give constructive criticism.

My early work

Another problem I found with photo-sharing platforms is uploading. Users tend to mass-upload images, leading to the platform being oversaturated with rubbish work. It’s easy just to cast a wide net and see what gains attraction, but it’s also annoying to see multiple versions of what is essentially the same picture from the same user. I found it overwhelming to sort through subpar work to find anything of substance. As a result of over-uploading, good work is buried deep under the noise. This is exactly what kept me from using photo-sharing platforms and simply sticking to Instagram. I couldn't bear to see sub-par images catch attention and snowball to the front page of websites while actually good work was buried. For example, one of my friends who has shot Vogue editorials has never seen his work on the front page of a certain photo-sharing platform. 

How Is 100ASA Solving These Problems?

100ASA aims to solve these problems by taking an alternative approach. The platform is built around curation, which means that every single image is presented to the community. 100ASA believes every image has value and wants to ensure that every photographer gets the recognition they deserve. This is done in several different ways, which are all about helping photographers take better pictures, not just pictures. 


At 100ASA, curating images means ensuring a fair, transparent, and unbiased evaluation of each photo. While achieving such standards in art evaluation can be difficult, 100ASA employs a unique token system to ensure a level playing field. To submit a photo for curation, users must spend tokens. The photos are then featured in the curation gallery for seven days, where other users can view and engage with them by providing feedback, ratings, and comments.

This approach helps to prevent mass uploaders and encourages users to submit only their best work, ensuring that the curation process is fair and transparent for all.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality is an important factor in 100ASA. They value quality over quantity, ensuring the platform is full of unique imagery that is interesting for the viewer. They ensure that only the best of the best make it onto the website, which, in turn, encourages photographers to push their creative boundaries and be intentional about the images they share with others.

Get Incredible Exposure and See Your Work Hung in Galleries

100ASA does not stop at this; they also ensure their members get the best exposure. They are currently working on launching photo competitions with cash prizes and opportunities for the winning entries to be showcased in a gallery.

100ASA also hosts pop-up exhibitions and galleries, allowing photographers to exhibit their work and connect with their audiences in real life. Speaking from personal experience, I want to point out that galleries are indeed a community protected by a lot of gatekeepers. Beginners and established photographers alike might have problems having their work hung in galleries. This is because, a lot of the time, galleries prefer being introduced through connections. I have had very little success cold-emailing galleries, while I have had a lot of success having my work exhibited through personal connections. Therefore, entering the world of gallery exhibitions through 100ASA could be very beneficial to your reputation and brand.

Professional Critique

One benefit of using 100ASA is the opportunity to receive a professional critique from leading expert photographers in the industry. If you're seeking feedback on your photography, you can submit your images to a board of experts at 100ASA. They will provide personalized advice and feedback on how to improve your technique and style. This service has been well received by the community, and 100ASA is proud of its commitment to helping photographers improve and grow further. 

Not Yet Another Photo-Sharing Platform

With so many photo-sharing platforms to choose from, 100ASA stands out from the rest by being a niche service focused on quality, community, and support. This sets them apart from mainstream websites focused on creating a popularity contest or a free-for-all upload frenzy. Instead of just another website, 100ASA wants to create a community where photographers can develop their skills, focus on quality, and showcase their best work with an opportunity for feedback from professional photographers.

The approach that 100ASA takes with using tokens is a unique one that I have yet to see in other places. Instead of wanting as many images as possible, 100ASA encourages high-quality work. This enables them to maintain a high standard of photography on the website, which is much more interesting to look at. Having a photo featured on 100ASA is something to be proud of because it has been approved by expert photographers based on its artistic and technical merit. 100ASA's photo popularity process is not solely based on the number of likes or shares it has received from other users. Instead, it uses a sophisticated AI algorithm that considers various factors to calculate a popularity score for each photo. The algorithm is unique and adapts to the dynamics of the platform, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process. The popularity score considers factors such as the user's curating role, the number of photos they've published on the Prime or Elite galleries, and other metrics, making it a more comprehensive evaluation of a photo's popularity.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, 100ASA is a unique platform that is worth trying out if you are looking for something more than a website riddled with favoritism and mass uploads of mediocre content. Receiving genuine feedback from photographers is much more valuable than comments from both fans and haters.

What are your experiences with photo-sharing platforms? Have you been a victim of favoritism and mass uploads on other photo-sharing websites? Let us know in the comments below!

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I joined up. Then found it confusing, super slow to upload and give details on each photos. And if you want to let's say 50 photos , not able to do. I understand their business model, for me gimmicky. All thought "free", misleading. to get exposure on this platform has a confusing matrix of pricing. Their business scheme is more a focus on the company itself. Do I want to pay to have someone look at my work? From my brief sign up, I thought their pricing structure is way to much, for any real gain for the photographer, except some praise and attention....my rant for the day


I joined too, and of course, they don't allow me to upload multiple photos. 100ASA is about quality, not quantity, and they want to prevent mass uploads (50 photos at a time). I've been using it, and it's pretty engaging compared to most platforms where you upload photos and then wait.
Also, most famous photographers on the platform are on the free tier, so you don't need to pay to be "exposed".100ASA is not for everyone (thank GOD), so I guess photographers who "don't have time" are better using 500px or Youpic

As a photographer, I've been using 100ASA for a few months now, and I have to say that I am impressed. I like a lot the curation system, which ensures that only the best images are displayed on the platform(you can have your own opinion but the quality is really good). It's a refreshing change from other social media platforms where anyone can post anything. There are of course things to improve but so far so good :-) Thanks for the nice article

The system is seriously flawed.
1. nudety wins
2. the system is built around rewards no one really checks what you or who you reward
3. curation earns you tokens so you curate only to get rewards
4. content is mediocre
5. left it after some hours

1 . not really
2. it's built around curation and community engagement
3. You curate to submit your photos for curation (the reward is on the top of it)
4. I'll skip this as it is personal. in my opinion one of the best
5. good

Mmm, I have the feeling that the content is rather good especially if you scroll the curated galleries. It is much above Flickr and has some professional work. Half of the Flickr explore page is over-saturated/HDR pictures or snapshots. I don't really know other platforms that would be better than 100ASA. Instagram is such crap for photography now (I've never used it). Fstoppers host some nice pictures but it's not really dedicated to images sharing. Also, I prefer the 100ASA system over Flickr. In Flickr you need first to socialize before getting any audience, no followers, almost no views. People with the most of faves are just good on the social aspect of Flickr (the more time you spend, the more traffic you get). On 100ASA, you just need to review pictures and you will get reviewed in exchange by some other random people, not necessarily the same. No need to fave as a return of being faved. Actual pictures matters more IMO.

Tokens? Unlocking things? Are you kidding me? Maybe, I’m just old, but 100 ASA looks like a either a children’s game or a scam.