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The Only Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Umbrellas

How do you know if an umbrella costing $100 is any better than the $5 one? It's quite hard to tell the difference in terms of light quality, especially if you're a beginner. But I assure you, expensive light modifiers are quite different from the regular cheap ones. That difference is noticeable only after you've used them for some time.

Do You Need or Want New Photo Equipment?

Look at your gear right now. How much of it did you need and how much of it did you want? Knowing the difference between the two can save you thousands and make you a more sophisticated photographer who focuses on art.

6 Color Harmonies You Must Know

Color theory is crucial to color photography. Clever use of color can create harmony or drama in your images. Check out this great video to learn more about ways you can combine color in your photography.

5 Elements of Any Successful Photo

Photography is a language that can be used quite powerfully. Learning how to use elements of this language to create meaning will certainly improve your images. Check out this great video to delve into the five most common elements of this beautiful tongue – photography.

Is the Loupedeck+ a Gimmick or a Time-Saver? A Long-Term Review of the Loupedeck+

When the original Loupedeck was released, it got a mix of reviews but a lot of hype. When the Loupedeck+ was released, the community even more delighted. It was a big departure from the original. So, I hopped on the hype train and bought the Loupedeck+, just a few months after the release. Having used it to edit events, fashion, portraits, and everything in-between, here are my thoughts.

The Only Preset You Need to Be a Great Photographer

A lot of photographers seem to fall for promises that presets make, and sometimes, they are true. There are packs out there that give decent results. But the problem with presets is that they do the creative work for you instead of helping you be the creative you wish to be. And that is what is holding you back. But what if there's one unique preset that will distinguish your work from everyone else's? You can't buy it, but you can develop it. Here's how.