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ACDSee Gemstone 12 Editor Is an Affordable Adobe Alternative, but Does It Work for You?

When I started photography, one of the hardest things for me was to pick the editing software I should use. Indeed, a lot of photographers face the same problem every day. Looking beyond the classic choices, there is arguably much better software you can choose: ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor 12. It combines the functionality of several Adobe products into one affordable and intuitive software.

OnlyFans Will Make You Pay To See Your Stolen Work

Recently, I had an issue with OnlyFans. While I don’t feel it’s right to disclose the details of that particular case to preserve privacy, I uncovered a much bigger issue. Boiled down, if your work is stolen, you will have to pay to see it and stop it from being used unlawfully.

Gear I Regret Buying as a Professional Photographer

Every time we make the leap to the next expensive purchase, there is a lingering thought in our head: will I regret it later? Well, at least in my head. Nonetheless, if I need to make a purchase, I do it. Here are some purchases that I wish I didn’t make.

I Will Destroy Your Photography Career

Do you even know who you’re talking to? I am the most powerful person in the industry. I will do everything to destroy your career and make sure you never get any work after what you did.

A One-Stop Audio Solution for (Most) Creators

No video is complete without a soundtrack. Excellent sound and SFX can make or break your production, which is why it is so important to get it right. If you’re looking for a royalty-free platform that offers a one-stop solution for audio, look no further than Artlist.

I Used the Same Modifier for These Images, or Did I?

Getting new modifiers is exciting. My first one was a simple umbrella with diffusion. As I progressed into my career, I invested more and more into various light shaping tools. The one I was most reluctant to try turned out to be the modifier I am currently in love with. And here is why.

A Small Streaming Startup Big Companies Better Watch Out For

I think it is fair to say that streaming is complex, especially if you want to go beyond “Instagram live from a selfie camera.” Adding several angles, multiple cameras, and overlays is complex, and you would need quite a lot of gear for that. Well, say goodbye to that. RecNGo is a simple app that makes streaming affordable and accessible.

Apply Now To Make $$ With Your Professional Photography(Seriously) 

One of the biggest questions that photographers face is how to find clients and make a living from the craft. There is money to be made with photography, especially if you find a good contract. Here is one such opportunity that will allow you to make money with your photography.

Does Color Accuracy Make a Big Difference in Professional Photography?

When starting out in photography, we get busy trying to understand the basics: shutter speed, aperture, composition, etc. As we progress, we start to care about much subtler things, such as color reproduction, sharpness, and, of course, color accuracy. But is color accuracy just a myth? Let’s find out.

7 Photographer Types We All Know (I Am One of Them) 

As a photographer, you inevitably meet a lot of other photographers in the industry. As much as I am not a fan of putting anyone in a box, it is still lots of fun and can make for some great jokes. In this article, I will do just that: list the seven most common photographer types I met.

We Review the Aputure LS600x: A Viable Alternative to HMI Lights?

When Aputure released the LS 600d Pro, it took the market by storm and signaled an era of high-power LED coming. But when the LS 600X Pro came out, it took the D version and made it greater. I’ve been using the 600X Pro for the past month, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

A Surprisingly Easy Technique I Use to Get More Clients as a Professional Photographer

You can only be profitable as a photographer if you have clients. Clients are the good and bad about being an artist. On one hand, you are paid to do what you love, but on the other, they usually don’t care about the same stuff you care about. In this article, I will tell you exactly what your clients want from you.

4 Things I Was Never Told When Becoming a Photographer 

Photography may seem like a very glamorous career. The entry point is very low, and you can start with 0 investment: just use your phone. However, as you progress further and further, you may encounter that there are several things you didn't expect photographers to do. In this article, I will go through some of those.

My DSLR Is Broken. Is It Time to Finally Get a Mirrorless Camera?

It happened again. My DSLR has failed on set. While being used to it and calling in for repairs right away, I caught myself thinking whether the time has come to buy a mirrorless. Here are some points that I brought up while having this debate with myself.