An Assistant On Wheels: Fstoppers Reviews The INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 Equipment Cart

An Assistant On Wheels: Fstoppers Reviews The INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 Equipment Cart

Over the last decade or two, photography and videography technology has evolved drastically. Computers, monitors, servers, and other digital technology are no longer being left in an office or studio somewhere; they’re showing up on set, typically on a cart or table of some type. The INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 is an equipment cart built to meet the demands of professional digital photography and video. 

I've had a chance to use two INOVATIV carts over the last couple of months, the Scout EVO 37 and Scout NXT 37, and they've literally changed the way I work on set. No longer am I running back and forth to my truck, which has typically served as my base of operations when shooting in the field, to grab something or review images. The carts are almost like assistants, only you don't have to feed them or worry about their feelings.  


Today, INOVATIV is an expanding company consisting of nearly 20 driven individuals working hard to build and developing equipment to make the lives of professional photographers and videographers a little bit easier, but it hasn't always been that way. 

INOVATIV launched in 2011 and stumbled through the first couple years in business, admits company CEO, Pat Blewett. Together with noted fabricator, Brent Foes, the two began to build their own on-set equipment carts after identifying a need for a cart that could adapt to the demands of a photographer or videographer on set.

Brent was an integral part to making my ideas come to reality. With his help, we officially launched INOVATIV in 2011 and stumbled through the first couple years in business.

Blewett continued to work on set as a digital technician in order to pay for INOVATIV’s first two employees and the manufacturing of product while Foes took care of the assembly and shipping aspects of the business. It wasn’t until late in 2012 that Blewett secured the company’s first three investors and some actual working capital to further develop the business. 


The INOVATIV Scout Evo 37 is a handsome piece of equipment, pictured here with additional DigiSystem accessories.

First off, let me start by saying that if you haven’t had a chance to get hands on with INOVATIV or DigiSystems products, make it a point to do so. The attention to detail and engineering that goes into these products is incredible. The INOVATIV Scout Evo 37 is an equipment cart unmatched in terms of versatility and build quality (unless of course you decide to upgrade to the Apollo). With minimal effort, the cart transforms from a 6.5-inch tall rolling flight case to a full-size studio equipment cart capable of supporting up to 600 lbs of professional photography equipment.

Who Are INOVATIV Carts For?

My company shoots a variety of genres but for the most part: we focus solely on photography. However, the company's CEO, Pat Blewett, says that their customers vary. He says the company is currently seeing film studios, photographers, rental equipment studios, drone operators, gimbal operators, digital imaging technicians, digital techs, advertising studios, and sound operators utilizing their carts. 

Our products are intended for anyone that needs to have a mobilized workspace with the added ability to mount specialized equipment. We also have a number of non-image making market customers.

Build Quality

There’s just something special about a product made in the U.S.A. by craftsmen who are proud of the work they’re doing. Like I’ve already mentioned these carts and all of the other products I’ve used from INOVATIV are incredibly well made and well thought out. 

The quality materials used in the construction of the INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 make it up for nearly any task or terrain.


Fully assembled, the INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 boast dimensions of 42 x 24 x 38" (106.7 x 61 x 97 cm). Transformed into the rolling flight case, the cart’s dimensions shrink to a mere 37 x 24 x 6.5" (94 x 61 x 16.5 cm). This ability to collapse the cart onto itself makes it very easy to store and transport.

The INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 collapsed into an easy to transport case.

Easy To Assemble

Upon initial inspection of a fully assembled cart, one may not believe that it was set up in minutes or that it will collapse into a tidy little case on wheels in the same amount of time. The carts are designed so that they can be set up by a single person, without the need of any tools, with minimal effort. The unique latches keep the cart closed while in flight case mode and easily unlatch to reveal the contents of the case within. The support beams pivot out from the case via heim joints and are secured upright by spring-loaded pins. The top of the case is then flipped over and placed on the support posts to serve as the top of the cart. The wheels then slide on their rails and are locked in place with a machined aluminum lever. It couldn’t get any easier. 

Everything neatly fits inside of the cart while it is in "flight case mode", making it easy to travel with.

The cart's support posts pivot out and lock into place. You can also adjust their length, increasing or decreasing the height of the cart.

Assistant On Wheels

I often find myself shooting projects with no assistant present to help with the dirty work, like hauling and supporting gear such as camera and other miscellaneous cases, lighting equipment, computer, monitor, etc. With the Scout EVO 37, I’m set up within minutes and rolling on location with everything I need safely supported and wherever I need it. 

The top of the cart locks into place with the help of spring loaded pins.

Studio On Wheels

With the aid of DigiSystem accessories, I’m able to secure my computer, hard drive, and other electronics on the cart, and the included hood eliminates any unwanted glare on my monitors. This makes shooting tethered much more enjoyable for me and gives me the ability to review and cull sets on location. INOVATIV offers a variety of add-ons that make their entire line of carts the Swiss-Army knife of carts. 

The DigiSystem DigiShade keeps unwanted glare to a minimum.


The cart's wheel system is truly innovative. The wheels are stored inside the cart while it’s collapsed into the rolling flight case and mount to the underside of the cart via a unique mounting system. I was able to get all four wheels mounted in under one minute. The process is oddly satisfying. Pneumatic tires and 100 percent sealed bearings help the 8-inch wheels roll over the terrain. 

The wheels slide onto the cart's machined aluminum rails and firmly lock into place.

What I Don’t Like


The INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 weighs in at 65 lbs, which you’re going to notice if you’re lugging the cart around without the aid of the wheels. While 65 lbs isn’t exactly easy to handle, it isn’t bad considering the cart can support up to 600 lbs.


There isn’t much to dislike about these carts, and for the price, there shouldn’t be. If you’ve priced one of these carts out, you’re aware of the $3,100 price tag. I can’t tell you whether or not you can justify that price, but the INOVATIV Scout EVO 37 isn’t just a cart. 


Like I mentioned before, using the Scout EVO 37 for the last couple of months has changed the way I work on set. If you view a cart as a platform with four wheels, surely there are similarities. In reality however, INOVATIV products are much different. The company provides stable, well-thought-out workstations. They are creating an ecosystem of products that integrate with their carts enhancing their customer's workflow. In a way, the cart is the foundation, but it’s the other accessories that turn a cart into a powerful workstation.

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Looks pretty awesome but I am definitely priced out of it. I would need to be doing some big budget commercial work. For me my folding wagon that cost $70 from amazon will do the trick for carting my gear around when doing on location shoots. I am sure the people witht $$$ shooting Broncolor and Hasselblad will be all over this though.

I own two, the Echo 36” and Scout 31” and there worth every penny. Great company that understands its customers and there needs onset.

That Echo looks like a beast

Yeah man, it is. Such a solid workspace when carrying a lot of gear. The disk brakes are a lifesaver.

i'd buy it...

I'm selling forks that I bought for $1 each. But slap "for photography and video eaters" and I can jack that price up to at least $300.

Can we please talk about the "DigiClamps – Accessory Universal" pricing. (as an owner of their stuff, it's still absurd)

Yeah, the price is difficult to swallow, but they're super handy.

If it were motorized and could follow you around over any terrain, the price might be worth it.

That's (almost) exactly what I'm building.

Let me know when the kickstarter drops!

Sorry Jared, this'l be a one off.

I'll need smartphone control. ;)

well damn!

That looks like a truly lovely piece of kit. It also seems overpriced by at least 30%, especially given the weight. And this is coming from somebody who owns Profoto gear. More power to 'em. Maybe once I upgrade to Broncolor....

My assistant on wheels..

But can she carry 600lbs?

For $3,100, i can buy a *lot* of Rock n Roll carts with all their accessories and still have plenty left over for some nice dinners. The price hurts, but hopefully the competition will come up with their own similar solutions for those with tighter budgets.

Is this related to the carts that were built by some JPL or NASA engineers a few years ago? It had some sort of slick Mars rover type suspension and was about $4500.

I have this model and can say that for tethered shooting it’s been real great. Brought it when shooting executive headshots for eBay and yes, it’s part of the show to have a cart of this build and price but it was useful lugging everything around campus when setting up different shots. It packs down to fit in the backseat of my xB and isn’t that hard to load in/out. Worth it.

Come on people it's almost 2020!! What's the point if I can't control it with my phone? I guess it's one of those things that for the few who can justify the cost it's well worth it. For others a big old Magliner or Rubbermaid cart will do the job.

PS if you are looking for a used Magliner on Craigslist they show up in the Photo/Video sections once in awhile, but if you look in the Tools or General category they cost about 60% of the ones listed in the Photo section because they are just a cart, not a digital image making equipment transportation device... :)