CONTEST WEEK | WIN An All Access Pass To The Fstoppers Workshops + 40 Other Prizes From PRO EDU

Over the next week we are giving away 41 prizes to 41 people that include free rentals for gear & lenses from Resolution Rentals, camera straps from Black Rapid, gel flash packs from ROSCO, and a $3,000 all access pass to the Fstoppers workshops with PRO EDU and Rob Grimm. A total of 41 people will be picked for these prizes so your odds of winning are pretty good. Winners will be announced here Friday February 27th. Check below for the details on how to win.Winning this contest is easy if you are able and willing to make and share a video of yourself explaining why you want to win and what you would do with the prizes. The videos don't have to be anything high production or fancy but we do want you to be sincere about why you want to win. There is no limit to how many submissions or videos you can make. The more you make and the more you share the PRO EDU Fstoppers trailer on Facebook the more likely you are to win. Here are the 4 levels of prizes that we will be giving away and announcing next week:

The Prizes

1 Super Mega Awesome Grand Pooh Bah Winner:
1 All access pass to Rob Grimm’s workshop in the Bahamas.  You WILL have to provide your own plane ticket and accomodations. We will cover your entrance fee for the entire week of classes for Rob Grimm's product, still-life, and beverage workshops.

4-Super Awesome Grand Pooh Bah Prize Winners:
1-Black Rapid Crossshot
1-$40 Gift Certificate To Resolution Rentals
4 Packs of Rosco Diffusion for Speedlights - 100 Colors of diffusion for Beauty, CalColor, After Dark, and Strobist gels

4 - Semi Grand Pooh Bah Prize Winners
1- Black Rapid Cross Shot
1- 40 Gift Certificate to Resolution Rentals
1- Beauty Flash Pack

32 Runner Ups Pooh Bahs
1 $40 Gift Certificate to Resolution Rentals.


1.) Share our PRO EDU Bahamas Trailer on the PRO EDU Facebook Page on your Facebook feed. It's pinned to the top of our page and will be all week. You can also download the video and upload it directly to your Facebook here:
2.) On Facebook AND Instagram you must LIKE: ROSCO, Black Rapid, Resolution Rentals, & PRO EDU. Only people that have liked the pages will be entered. Please look below for links to each company.
3.) Make a video explaining why you want to win which prize and what you would do with the prize you want to win. For example if you want to win the workshop explain why you like Rob's work and what you look to gain from the expereince. OR if you just want to win the other prizes, make a video on why you want to win and what you are going to do with the prizes from the companies. The idea is to get our attention through something sincere, funny, awesome, wonderful, epic, or creative. These can be as simple as you using your laptop camera or as complex as you using high end gear. The point is that you tried!
4.) Tag EVERY VIDEO that you make with the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops on Facebook and/or Instagram . By adding this hashtag in the video description on Instagram and Facebook we will be able to easily see all of your videos.
5.) There is no limit to how many times or how many videos you can enter. We have to give away 41 prizes to 41 people so chances are if you make a video, you just might win! 


All 41 winners will be announced on on February 27th at 3pm CST. You can make videos and submit videos until you see the announcement is published on


PRO EDU Facebook:
PRO EDU Instagram: @PROEDU

Resolution Rentals:
Resolution Rentals Instagram: @Resolutionrentals
Resolution Rentals:

ROSCO Facebook:
ROSCO Instagram: @RoscoPhoto
Rosco Web:

Black Rapid Facebook:
Black Rapid Instagram: @Blackrapid
Black Rapid Web:

PRO EDU Fstoppers Workshops Trailer:

About Rob Grimm

Fstoppers Workshop Trailer: 

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Gary W. Martin is a commercial photography producer and founder of PRO EDU. His company creates documentary style Photography and Photoshop tutorials with some of the best photographer/instructors in the world. Gary has spent 20% of his life abroad and once made a monkey faint in Costa Rica. He speaks English and Romanian.

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I'm doing everything now, hope i win but wish all of us luck!

Good luck, to all who chose to do this. :)