Fstoppers in 2019 - What Do You Want to Learn?

Fstoppers in 2019 - What Do You Want to Learn?

Next year, we are planning on creating more video content than ever and the vast majority of it will be available for free on the Fstoppers YouTube channel. We want to cater our videos around the aspects of photography and video that you want to learn. Will you help us with some feedback? 

Below is a simple six question survey that will let us know who you want us to work with and what kinds of concepts you want us to teach in 2019. We will do our best to address each and every video suggestion that you make.

Take the survey HERE.

Thank you for being an active member in this community and for making Fstoppers what it is. 

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charlie sanders's picture

Luminosity masks ? I’ve purchased a bundle that’s aimed more at working professionals and works very well IF, they are used regularly. Some of us are working, raising a family and manage to knock out a couple of vacations a year . Would you know of any newer techniques that are quick and easy to use ? I’m currently using a Wacom tablet (dodge and burn) to blend layers in Photoshop CC.

Rui Bandeira's picture

Fast Tips and tricks for various photography genders.
Technical stuff, but not only about cams and lens, but all the other small equipment that make life of the photographer better.

Joe Martinez's picture

Would love to see more concept to execution BTS videos, particularly budgeting, choosing gear and working with client expectations. Would also love to see more "day in the life" content from different genres of photography (Pro sports team photographers, concert photographers, nature & travel photographers, etc.). Always interested in how they prepare, shoot and deliver their images.

Would also like to see more women (particularly women of color) featured in your videos! There are some incredible photographers out there with different perspectives than what we're used to seeing here, and it would be so so cool to see them represented here at Fstoppers. I think it would benefit everyone! Thanks for all the great content this year!.Looking forward to 2019!

Carl Irjala's picture

Mr. Patrick Hall said in the video about the black and white contest that he likes stories. Photographing today is mostly about showing something beautiful. So I would like to know how to tell a story whit one picture. Thanks in advance :)

Jorge Cevallos's picture

A fashion photography course with little gear and with emphasis on composition and outfit. Similar to this one, but taught in a more professional manner: https://www.udemy.com/fashion-photography-shoot-like-a-pro-with-no-budge...

Mr Blah's picture

Please go back to your roots. BTS, tehcnical stuff, interesting ideas, creative workshops, etc.

Bags reviews, cheap click bait articles and any news remotely linked to a camera sure drives traffic (although I'd be curious how much) but it dilutes the quality of the stuff you've done over the years.

Tomasz Kozak's picture

I want to see more Elia Locardi !

Joshua Kolsky's picture

any reason why my comment was deleted?

Skye Leake's picture

I put this in the survey, but I would be interested in more BTS, the RAW content (see what I did there? (I'll see myself out)). Since taking an exposure is usually only a 1 second process or less, I would like more content on what goes into the other 99.99% of the time - location/composition considerations, gear considerations, how to better tell a story with a photograph, effective strategies for getting out of bed early....

I suggested content with professional photojournalists for the "story" aspect.

And more Elia Locardi is always appreciated.

Stas F's picture

Just submitted the survey. You definitely are missing mr Scott Kelby on here 😁 He's fun as hell, would fit in with you'al pretty well 😎

Francesco vasto's picture

Marketing Strategies for Photographers

Deleted Account's picture

Anything except for the reasons some photographer switched from brand x to brand y.