How to Add a Quick Release Plate to the Zhiyun-Tech Crane Gimbal

The Zhiyun-Tech Crane is our favorite gimbal for mirrorless cameras but it has one small problem: each time you remove the camera you'll have to balance the gimbal again and again. We've found a way around this by adding our own quick release plate. 

Our tripod plate of choice is the Manfrotto 200PL and therefore the quick release receiver that we decided to use is the 323RC Quick Release Adapter. When you install this quick release adapter (at least with the GH5 and 12-35mm) The plate won't sit totally flat. The quick release knob in the back sits slightly lower than the flat part of the adapter. If you had the tools to cut metal, you could easily cut off the back of the Cane's plate but if you do that you may be limiting your balancing options with the gimbal with other systems. 

We were able to screw our 323RC down tight enough that it is secure but it sits slightly sideways. To fix that I simply connected the gimbal to the iPhone app and was able to get it back to horizontal. Now I can instantly take my camera off of my tripod and put it on my gimbal without fumbling with a tripod plate or balancing the camera. 

If you don't want to use the 200PL plate, you'll be able to add a quick release plate without any issues at all. The Kessler Crane system is extremely popular among videographers and is totally flat. Simply install the Kwik Release Receiver onto the gimbal and put a Kwik short camera plate on your camera and you'll be read to go. 

Keep in mind that many video tripod plates can be mounted multiple ways by sliding the plate forward and backward. This is convenient for some situations but when it comes to balancing a gimbal, you'll have to install your plate the exact same way every time. That's another reason why we prefer the far cheaper, but also less "professional" 200PL plate. 

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Britton Murray's picture

Have you tried inserting a coin or two under the other side of the plate to level it off? Sounds like it's no big deal with the app adjustment, so maybe that's more trouble than it's worth. Just my 2 cents (pun intended). :)

Jonathan Adams's picture

Put a washer on your screw between the gimbal plate and the quick release plate...that will make it level. I'm sure you can even find a nice size rubber washer that will makes sure the plate doesn't rotate

We tried something like this. If you keep pushing it up higher it won't be able to balance. As it is now with the quick release plate it is just barley able to balance.

Onn Henner's picture

Did you try connect the plate 90 degrees off?