The 2014 Gulf Photo Plus Photography Workshop Will Be The Biggest In History

The 2014 Gulf Photo Plus Photography Workshop Will Be The Biggest In History

In 2014, Gulf Photo Plus celebrates their 10th year as one of the premiere photography workshops in the world. Lee and I experienced the event in Dubai last year for the first time, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Together with Joe Grimes, Zack Arias, Gregory Heisler, Lindsay Adler, David Hobby, and Joe McNally, GPP is raising the bar to produce an event you do not want to miss.

The goal of the Gulf Photo Plus workshop is to nurture and develop the photography community in the United Arab Emirates and the entire middle eastern region. But that's not to say that photographers from around the world shouldn't miss out on this amazing chance to perfect their craft and explore the wonderful world that is Dubai.

Through a series of workshops, seminars, and events, Gulf Photo Plus really is a leader in photography education. There is no other place in the world that you can go and have the exotic modern landscape of Dubai as your background while learning from some of the world's best photographers. This years roster includes David Alan Harvey, Brooke Shaden, Joe McNally, Lindsay Adler, Zack Arias, Eric Kim, Gregory Heisler, Joel Grimes, David Hobby, RC Concepcion, David Nightingale, Sara Lando, Bobbi Lane, and Steve Simon. So if you are looking to expand your knowledge of lighting, practice your portrait skills, dabble in street photography around the city, or capture some amazing fine art photographs of Dubai for your home or office, Gulf Photo Plus has something for everyone.

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It is inspiring enough to just be in the same room with these instructors, but the amazing thing with GPP is you can actually hang out with them after hours in the small and intimate Holiday Inn Express within Dubai's Knowledge Village. Here is a video Fstoppers produced during our visit last year that is sure to get you inspired.

As I mentioned above, attending Gulf Photo Plus last year was easily one of the top five coolest things I've ever done in my life. Not only did I get to experience an incredible city like Dubai (and erase some common misconceptions and stereotypes I had of the region), but I was also able to hang out with many of the photographers I looked up to when I first picked up a camera. Hearing Gregory Heisler talk about his tintype collection, or watching David Bernett collaborate with Zack Arias during an iphone shoot over cocktails are a few stories that just don't happen anywhere but Gulf Photo Plus.

For more information about Gulf Photo Plus including all the instructors teaching, the incredible Photo Friday sessions, or everyone's favorite GPP Photographer Shootout, head over to Gulf Photo Plus's 2014 Workshop Page. Also check out the video below that Lee and I filmed during our experience out in Dubai last year. If your schedule allows for a trip to the UAE this year, you would be foolish to miss out on this elite photography workshop.

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F*ck oil and the city it built.

I'm a big fan of walking myself...maybe bicycling :)

I don't like the idea of travelling and supporting a country in which rape victims are thrown into jail when they stand up and put charges on their tormentor... because they committed the "crime" of having premarital sex.

Probably not the right place to put it but I needed to write this anyhow.

Some serious hate here! I'd love to go, Zacks gotta be one of my fav photographers as far as attitude and hustle go. Maybe next year the whole thing is so damn expensive... Would be sweet to be mentored for the day and grab a few beers after

@tombarkerphoto:disqus you should be __extra__ cautious with the beer there ... Helmut is stating mere facts, not hating anything.

It's nice to go there and have fun with oil and gaz money, but at one point "celebrities" (in the photog world) will have to admit that they are supporting acts and laws like the one @helmutsteiner:disqus is talking about.

I'am not trying to blame or shame anyone, simply stating facts once again.

Any idea of the price for tickets and to the seminars?
The website doesn't state them with out joining and I really don't want more junk mail.

Classes typically range from about $300-$800 at least in the past. I don't know for certain their class prices but usually they are less than class prices here in the US.

Thanks. That's a lot dearer than UK prices so I'll be giving it a miss.

Thanks for the amazing article on GGP 2014 Patrick! I tried on planning to go this year, but flying from Brazil to Dubai is just too expensive. As soon as I start making money with my photography, I will save and try to go next year! But I have good news! I am saving money to be with all of you in the Bahamas this year! I am a great fan of Fstoppers page and thanks to you and Lee Morris my photography skills are improving every week. Keep up the amazing work. Thanks again! We should organize a workshop here in Brazil! It would be so much fun!

Hey Rafael, Yeah getting over to Dubai is the most expensive part but it's totally worth it for sure. I'm hoping to make it back out there myself; there was just too many things we missed in our short 6 day visit. Brazil is amazing too. I spent 17 days traveling through Sao Paulo to Caraguatatuba to Floripa when I was straight out of college. I'd love to throw something down there but Lee and I speak no Spanish or Portuguese so I'd imagine that would be very tough.