A Call To Fstoppers Readers From Chicago

Do we have any readers from Chicago? Would you be interested in helping Lee and I out on the next Fstoppers Original video? We will be shooting all day on Thursday June 2nd all over the streets of Chicago for a really exciting BTS video I can't talk about publicly yet and we could use some help. If you feel comfortable shooting video and have a Canon 7D or 60D we would love to have you help us as we run around the city. We only need one assistant so send us an email and let us know how you can help.

Not able to help out? No worries; we'd love to grab a beer with any readers wanting to hang out for a bit over the weekend. If you are a Chicago native and know a good watering hole, leave your suggestion in the comments and we can set something up for Friday or Saturday night. The New York meet ups have been a blast so we are excited to see what the Windy City has to offer!

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Just a note on the 7D and 60D requirement; we are going to be shooting a lot of slo mo so we need the 60fps.  If you have both a 60 fps camera and a 5D then let us know...the more the merrier :)

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What about a T2i?

Im driving into chicago 2nd or 3rd, cant help, but the beer sounds great!!! Ill be a student at SAIC so would be great to meet you guys!

Sent an email, and hopeful we can meet up- I'm a big fan.

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when are you coming to TX?

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I like your attitude, what part?

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Oh shit guys that sounds awesome.  When I saw the NY meetups I was just a little letdown that I couldn't get out there at all. 

I'd love to hang out with you guys sometime, this site rocks and I've learned a ton over the past year.  Especially that iPhones fucking rock.

Could I help with my 300s? It would be awesome getting to help you guys out, even if it's with my crappy 24fps, I'd do my best lol.

As far as meetup places... Ginos rocks, and The Blue Bayou near wrigleyville is a decent place to hangout. Of course there are plenty more kickass places that I can't even think of right now.

The blue bayou also has a pretty chill place for an ad hoc photoshoot if you guys could get permission to shoot there.

But yeah I'd love to help you guys out and or hangout if we get a chance.  (And on the off chance that you dont want my cruddy nikon video, is there anything else I could do to help with the BTS or perhaps just be a fly on the proverbial wall? lol. It would be more than awesome getting to work on one of your guy's bts'.)

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Thanks for the ideas M.  I think we have found our assistant.  We have a bunch of D300s cameras but I don't think they will work well for this particular shoot (Nikon get with the program, 720 @ 60fp  minimum).  Stay posted to this thread for the details on the final meetup time and location; we'd love to meet with everyone

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Ah damn.  Oh well.

Not sure where you guys are going to be...some good beer places

-Map Room
-Clark Street Ale house
-Five Star Bar

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Just booked the hotel and it looks like we will be staying at the Hilton near Grant Park.  I've looked up a lot of the suggested meet up locations and am a bit shocked that most of them are to the west of I90 or far North of the Riverwalk which I would assume is the main city center of Chicago?  

Anyone have suggestions that are close to that part of town?

The thing is it's usually dead after 8 PM around that part of town.
But if you go to the Navy Pier area, there are some good drinking places there.

Nikon guy here so no help with assisting, but it would be great to meet up with you guys this weekend so let us know the final choice. I second the motion for Hopleaf, best beer place in the city!

If you guys come back to NYC let me know! I'd love to help you guys out on a shoot. I shoot with a 7D.

i would love to meet up too.  Like lwimages said, loop area is dead after 8pm and especially on weekends.  to get bars, youll have to go the river north(closest but douchy), west loop(second closest) or wicker/bucktown(lots of fun).  stay away from lincoln park.

if youre looking for a place and it HAS to be down there, the roof at wit hotel, vertigo at Dana hotel or franklin tap(some friends work there)

http://www.hackneys.net/ Printers' Row

Emerald Loop
Rock Bottom Bרrewery
Twisted Spoke

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Are any of these places friendly for 21 and under? I'm worried a lot of readers might be just out of high school or in college and many places I've called won't let them in after 10pm

Patrick Hall's picture

Are any of these places friendly for 21 and under? I'm worried a lot of readers might be just out of high school or in college and many places I've called won't let them in after 10pm

Welcome to Chicago....if you need a helping hand in any way I would love to help you guys in any way that I can. I'm a Chicago guy Born and raised. I know the whole city like the back of my hand. I can totally shoot video with a 60d if you'd like me to...or even would love to just point you guys in the right directions....Chicago is filled with many marvelous things. If you need a hand I got ya guys.I'm a very hard worker and I come to have fun and work and be a part of something great and creative. 

Lee and Pat,

Me and my photographer buddies would love to grab some beers with you Friday.  You know how to get a hold of me if you're game.  If you're already heading to a watering hole, please let us know where, when and what time.

Sent ya a FB message with my number.

Vanity Force Photography

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Bucktown Pub.

Since you'll be staying downtown, it'll be rare to find bars that allow 18. You could always go down the street on Madison and Michigan Ave a little bit later at night http://www.pizanoschicago.com/loop.html   or have an "early" meet at the Plaza at Park Grill, in Millenium Park, depending on the weather it'll be closed by 11pm-ish. You could take over the lounge, no reservations unless it's a party more than 10-15. Or... make that happen in reverse :-) I live just down the street. Let us know!

Oh yeah, there's also Rock Bottom brewery a little bit north, but I'm not sure if they're strict about age.