The Canon Pro9000 Mark II Is Currently $50 After Rebate

Every once in a while a deal comes a long that is too good not to share. I've owned the Canon Pro9000 printer for years and have never had a problem with it. I paid $450 for it and I thought that was a great deal at the time. Currently BH is selling the Pro9000 for $250 (hit EMAIL ME A BETTER PRICE on the BH page) and after the $200 mail-in rebate, the printer only costs you $50. If you need a printer, you simply cannot beat this deal.

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I see a price of $450 for the printer at B&H, not $250.  Where is the $250 price?

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you have to hit Email Me A Better Price and it drops to $250 before the $200 rebate

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I'm wondering if it's actually cheaper to buy this instead of new ink?  I guess the ink that comes with these is sometimes a smaller amount than a full cartridge though right?

Hah ya that's true. Ink is $100

looks like just over $80, so yea, it's more expensive haha

Unfortunately only available in US, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as stated in Terms of Offer. :(

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I love you guy so much now. I've been wanting a printer and for $50 I can't pass on it.

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The ink that came with mine was a full cartridge.

for 50$ I'm willing to try out and see what the ink consumption and cost is.
Thanks for posting!

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Is the rebate in gift cards or do they actually send a check back? lol

this is AWESOME! THANK YOU!! this is what makes me happy i follow you guys. I've been wanting to try out an expensive, high quality photo printer for a while, perfect excuse to do so now, and on the cheap too :)

where do you find the mail in rebate? nothing available to print off
their site. I think the rebate is automatically applied to it when you
get the email cost.

never mind I just saw it.

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heeeeeellllllllssssss yeah!

Right below the "email a lower price" link there is a "why?" link that explains why they have a lower price than advertised available. It looks like even though it advertises at $450 it shows as $249.95 when it's added to the cart even without getting the emailed price. Unfortunately I just looked at the page again and it shows it's no longer in stock.

yea, i bought mine about 30 minutes ago no problem, just 5 minutes ago my brother tried to get one and couldn't. Same thing, no longer in stock.

lol, i didn't see it say sold out so i got curious and tried it for a second time, turns out I bought 2 :P

dang it!! ya stop clicking on it! its out of stock for me...

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Sorry guys, this was a HUGE deal and it looks like BH is out of stock.  I'm in contacts with a BH rep who initially gave me the heads up on the deal in the first we will share it again if they get any more in stock.  You gotta act fast on deals like this.  

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Slickdeals had this on their site for a while.....


I got in on the bandH deal, but if you missed it, you have two options, people are saying when they call b&h customer service they can still order it over the phone, just won't ship until early July basically, backordered.  ALSO Adorama by Amazon has it for the same price, no shipping and no tax where it applies:

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I love you Christopher.
If you missed it on B&H, you'll find it here for 250 also (+ rebate is applicable here too). 

looks like the same thing just happened with adorama/amazon. you get the $200 rebate from adorama but it still costs $450 now, so that's a final price of $250. probably better off attempting to call bh and get the $250 and good chance for the $200 rebate as well.

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Looks like B&H is taking pre-orders on this now but I'm not seeing a link saying "email me a better price". Am I just blind or was that only available when it was in stock? 

adorama has a similar deal now

Nice. I picked this up about 2 years ago when they had it at $450, with a $400 MIR if you bought a DSLR at the same time. I was buying a T1i, so I figured "why not?" and went for it. Only downside is the size, it's friggin huge.

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