A Cell Phone Camera Optical Illusion

This is by no means a BTSV but it fooled me so I thought I'd post it. The censor on cellphone cameras are so small that everything appears in focus. Many cell phone cameras don't even have to focus because of this and optical illusions like the one below are possible. Obviously this could also be possible with an SLR but you would have to shoot around F22.

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hahahahahahahahaha... AMAZING!

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Sensor is spelled with an s! 

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Haha...must be a slow day there in Charleston ? 

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Or this was on Lee's daily feed of College Humor and Best of Youtube

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Haha atleast he's being active! 

I can't believe that guy was so big!  How does he find clothes to fit him?  8)

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nice one. although the sensor size does not affect the DOF in any (direct) way, it's the much smaller focal length of the lens, needed to create a useable field of view with the small sensor.

your turn internet, explain to me why i have no clue... :p

I'm only liking this video, cause it was featured on Fstoppers, but anybody in their right mind would have noticed the FAKE AS HELL parking stand, and if he was standing right next to the bike, why were his feet missing from the video at the beginning.

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hahahah love it!