Fstoppers Meetup In New Orleans At Loa Bar

Fstoppers Meetup In New Orleans At Loa Bar

Lee, Patrick and I will be in New Orleans this weekend shooting a wedding and would love to grab a drink with any anyone in the area. The meetup starts at 8pm on Sunday March 10 at Loa Bar located at 221 Camp St inside the International House Hotel. We hope to see you all there!

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Claude Lee Sadik's picture

Would love a meet up in New York ! Is it feasible? 

Well Crap... I may have to make a road trip. This is pretty close actually...


Jacob DelaRosa's picture

Hey do you guys ever shoot weddings in Birmingham, AL? We've got some wonderful shooting locations (and a pretty good football team too).

Patrick Hall's picture

Went to school in Birmingham...funny sorry, I was out in Dubai and a student from BSC walked up to me on the rooftop there. Small world!

Gustaveux's picture

see you then.

guys come down to Toronto!!! 

Glad you took my advice!  See you there

Will you all still be there on the 16th?