Fstoppers Rated #1 Photography Website Online

Fstoppers Rated #1 Photography Website Online

We do what we do because we love it. We didn't do this for fame, glory, or accolades. We are just a bunch of photo nerds, gear heads, and working pros who wanted to help others learn how to be better photographers. We learn something new every day, and we hope that you do too. So we were extremely surprised to find that we were just rated the #1 photography site by ExpertPhotography.com.

Last year Fstoppers ranked #16 on the Expert Photography scale, so getting the #1 spot is a huge jump, and a great honor. If there was someone to thank, it's you. Every one of you has helped make this site what it is, because the way we see it, you are all Fstoppers.

Now, acceptance speech aside, check out the rest of the the list, and read the details over at ExpertPhotography.com:

1. Fstoppers
2. PopPhoto
3. Pixiq
4. Strobist
5. Digital Photography School
6. PictureCorrect
7. Fro Knows Photo
8. Light Stalking
9. Improve Photography
10. Cambridge in Colour
11. PhotoTuts
12. 500px
13. Chase Jarvis
14. Scott Kelby
15. Joe McNally
16. DIY Photography
17. Photography Talk
18. British Journal of Photography
19. PhotoShelter
20. PetaPixel

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Jaron Schneider is an Fstoppers Contributor and an internationally published writer and cinematographer from San Francisco, California. His clients include Maurice Lacroix, HD Supply, SmugMug, the USAF Thunderbirds and a host of industry professionals.

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congrats! love this site and your youtube/vimeo, keep it up!

Whoa, congrats!! Keep up the great work, this site's definitely become part of my daily routine

Nice work! Keep up the videos you guys produce. 

Well done, gents.  That list is very similar to my photography bookmarks in my browser and you guys always get the first click when I'm making the rounds.  Let me know if you are ever in Austin, TX...drinks are on me.

Very surprised to find absence of Dpreview in top 20!!

That is a little strange, isn't it? I find DP to be a far better site than Photography Talk, for example. 

Most of the websites mentioned in the list are really helpful including Fstoppers. But few seem to be way overrated.

Well deserved!

woohoo! congratulations guys! your website's my home page btw! keep up the good work!

congratulations guys, you rock!!!

Congrats to the whole Fstoppers team well deserved I absolutely love this site!!!!

Congrats!!!!  Keep it up fellas. Waiting for one of those Fstopper parties in Atlanta. 

Patrick and Lee,
Congratulations, this is a well deserved honor and while I know you will be polite and defer to the fantastic staff you've assembled - and there is certainly truth to that - the vision, moxy and just-polite-enough rebellion is what brought it together and I am very happy for you.

BUT PLEASE DO NOT start changing shit? One thing people do when they see they're popular is they start changing shit. to make things better.
DON'T! It aint broke, don't try to fix it.

i love your website, i think is the best at helping and educating amateur and professional photographers, the only thing i would like more is more educational video with lee and patrick like you did when you started. on a scale of 1 to 10 your website is 12. 

This photo-blog is awesome as well... ;) 
Check it out good people!

Although I don't find this site to be the end all to beat all in as much as actual learning. it IS by far the most all around, informative, entertaining, friendly and unique sites I have ever had the pleasure to visit. In point of fact, IT IS my favorite site period because of that diversity. I'm here 5X + a day. Both of the creators of this site not only took an idea from conception to reality, but they have done it with flare, taste and talent that is hard to find in this huge stupid world of useless information. This is great news..... But I've secretly known it all along !

I was just telling someone today about Fstoppers and I said "it has to be like top 5 photography sites for sure" turns out it's #1 woooooooooooooooot... congrats to Lee and Patrick! 


congratulations fstoppers. keep it up!

Congratulations  to Lee, Patrick, and Jerrit for starting this site and congratulations to all the others who have helped run it as well along the way, great job guys!

From MIA you guys rock!  Keep up the great work.

Oh yea, GO HEAT!!!

Why is Fro even on that list?