Industry Response: Sum Up Your Experiences Of Being A Photographer Into One Sentence

Industry Response: Sum Up Your Experiences Of Being A Photographer Into One Sentence

Through the years of excitement, down turns, and overall joy of our beautiful love for photography, we share a lot of experiences as we progress in the industry. No matter how divided we are in opinions, one thing we share is our love for photography. We may bicker over camera brands and techniques but you're reading this because like me, you love this industry. 

There are times where we get tested and we want to give up. There also times when we realize how much we just love shooting. We're all drawn to this passion no matter where we come from or what we shoot. However, we all tend to have a great range of experiences that sometimes overlap with our own colleagues no matter what we all shoot.

If you were to reduce years worth of experience into one sentence, what would that sentence be? If you had to choose just a brief set of words to encompass all of your emotions as a whole, what would you say to someone who asked you to do so?

Since my previous open question garnered some amazing responses from my own personal industry colleagues and by our readers in the comments, I decided to ask this question to see what sort of replies we would get. The responses were just wonderful. Some spoke in a thought provoking manner, others were hilarious, and many hit close to home. Some were also just phrases while most were complete sentences. Either way, they were too good to omit from this list.

Check out some of the best responses below!

If you would like to see the full list of responses, check them out here: link.

Also, we want to hear from you, tell us what sentence you would use to encompass your own experience of being a photographer in the comments below!


Don't be ashamed that you've been inspired, it's all about learning what you love and creating yourself.
Rosie Hardy

Like a puzzle, being a photographer is more about bringing all the pieces together than it is about camera settings or what equipment you have.
- Edward August Szczepanski

I can make others see through my eyes.
Gopal Kunwar

A job that not many can do well, but so good that everyone wants to try.
- Phoenix Taylor

Although I have never dabbled in LSD I'm told by those in the know that it heightens your awareness of everything around you. If that is the case then photography is my LSD.
- Robert A Johnson III

Visually communicating stories with images that say 1000 words more than I could ever possibly say.
- Jack Chauvel

Researching, brainstorming, planning, purchasing, marketing, learning, educating, lighting, shooting, culling, editing, retouching, early, mornings, late nights, meetings, deadlines, COFFEE... lots of coffee, hair-pulling, angst, worry, stress, presentation, enlightenment, inspiration, absolute elation. All for that internal sense of "ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD" & one sentence, "Love your work, I'm a big fan."
- Susana Vazquez Halfhill

I can only keep the beauty I want to possess by sharing it with others.
Troy D. Davidson

Ever wonder what it's like to be bipolar?
Jessica Ahlborn

I've been given a gift that allows people to see into my soul and for mine to touch theirs.
- Jonathan D. Orozco

Do something else.
- Paul Houston

This pic describes partly , what "being a photographer' means
- Nijat Gafarov

You're only as good as your last photograph.
- Jason Kruppa

Life makes much more sense to me , when it's photographed.
- Vlasta Pilot

To show the unseen, to find a beauty where most struggle to find.
- Pawel Winnicki

Being a photographer is an amazing opportunity to show others what it is like to look through your eyes, but it has also given me the clarity to know when to put down the camera and live in the moment.
- Bethany Seagrave

Taking someones forgetful moments and turn them into forever memories: awesomeness.
Chrissy Jordan

I don't capture the photo, I learn to break the rules and create the moment.
- Rudy Rsphotography

One more, one more!
- Wojtek Chrapek

I have the opportunity to live life adventurously and extravagantly show love to others.
- Branden Harvey

I'll be in school Forever.
- Terrence Jones

Get it right in life, because in reality there is no 'reshoot'.
- Jonjo Domonic Borrill

Being a photographer is about training yourself to see that single moment in which creativity, patience, and timing fuse and becomes something beautiful, before it actually happens.
- Chris Miggels

I set out looking to make art, and ended up making the art my business.
- Alain Camproriva

It's the kind of life that you cannot live without making friends in places you never thought possible.
- Kevin Garrison

Being a photographer enables me to continue my life goal of inspiring people, by showing women that they ARE beautiful, and don’t need to be over-photoshopped or made-up to be so.
- Melissa de Blok

Incredible amounts of hard work that leads to the reward delivered by one single moment. Repeat.
- Jason Bach

It has been an amazing experience to see brides crying, loving and thanking you to see their story through the wedding pics. It's the best award you can ever get!
- Rohit Gautam

The world is going to shit.
- Selina Chan


Again, If you would like to see the full list of responses, check them out here: link. And be sure to post your best responses in the comments below!

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A photographer is a problem solver.

That which I love and sometimes loves me in return.

Find the beauty everywhere and if you can't find it - make it up!

For me, photography has been about freezing time and making people see how lovely they really are.

Copying that quote. EXACTLY the reason i love portrait photography

If you haven't had a single problem in a photoshoot or during the job, you're doing it wrong!

I love the feeling of power after I steal peoples souls!

Photography is really, really, really, really...really.............really.............................good.

I love being able to capture a moment, and all that encompasses, and share with others that memory and vision that will otherwise fade from my mind.

Evolution in ways I never thought possible, nor planned on.

I HATE the business side of photography.

It's really simple for me, being a photographer, taking photographs has saved my life.

Holy crap on a cracker! haha

An amazing journey with endless possibilities and discoveries.

BH, Adorama and Scott Kelby are rich right now. Today all useless people with some money becomes a photographer.

I forgot to charge the battery again.

Photographs help keep those we've lost, alive, in our hearts and minds.

I am a banana

Photos, are good.

I'm broke, but that's fine.

Disposible photography for a disposible society.....