Let's Grab Lunch In NYC: Update

This weekend I shot Travis Harris' wedding in Vermont and now I am back in my second home, NYC. In case you didn't know, Oct 28th-30th is the PhotoPlus Expo and I plan to be there all three days. If you are looking for a group to go with, we would love to have you join ours.

Until then, I thought it would be fun to meet some new people around the city. I am completely free on October 20,21,22,25, 26, and 27 and I would like to join YOU for lunch. If you are interested, simply send me a note on Facebook with the day, time, and location where you would like to meet and I will show up (Manhattan and Brooklyn only). I don't care what you do for a living, or what you want to chat about, I'm really up for anything.

Also, if we get a big enough group interested I will be happy to throw another FS get-together one night. Let me know if you would be interested in that in the comments below.

Update: So far I have been booked for lunch every day except for Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th. If you are free for lunch either of those days let's meet up!

Update 2 All of my free days have been booked up and I am now double booking days. If you can do a really late lunch let me know. Otherwise let's meet up at the expo.

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Also, what are everyones Halloween plans? My girlfriend and I are trying to figure out where the best party will be.

Be sure to mention that next time you're in Switzerland ;)

or London! I'll be happy to show you this wonderfull city :)

I'm in for a group get together Lee. Can't meet me solo or I'd talk your ear off with questions and stories.

Where in VT?
I live in northeast VT. It's an absolutely beautiful state.

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What about the Lucies on the 27th Lee? Not hitting that too?
I have the word out, hopefully I'll hear back about what's happening, Halloween party wise, I'll let you guys know.
It's a busy week: birthday, Lucie awards, Pdn, Pdn, Pdn, Friday, Halloween party?

hey, im from argentina sorry for my spelling

i would love to meet you... i read always fs (its my homepage)

if you are coming anytime to argentina plis say it!

if im going to usa i tell you so maybe we can meet you...

this january im goin to california... maybe... hwo knows?

good luck and lot of congratulations becouse the website!!

Awesome! I live out in Long Island and I'll be down at the show on Saturday and possibly Friday. I would love to meet-up at some point.

Would love to meet-up one of the non-expo days too but will have to see whats going on with work.

Let me know of any details about where you guys will be at the show!


Pat D.

@Ken, I want to hear your stories and answer your questions!
@Emilia, Travis' wedding was in Burlington
@Pat, more info on the expo coming soon

soa when r u comming to LA?

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Unfortunate, I don't work in the city anymore so I couldn't possibly pull a lunch. Would DEFINITELY be interested in a night time get-together though, preferrably Thursday or Friday :)

hey lee i live in Brooklyn would be realy great to have a group meet up. the real crazy halloween party might be at webster hall.


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Hey, I'm doing a photoshoot in the city tonight at the Time Hotel at around 6pm if you would like to join. It's an event we do a few weeks before a Boxing Match so it's pictures of all Fighters. If you are interested, send me an email.

Is there another poker night happening?