Meet Fuji, The Three Year Old Photographer

Meet Fuji, The Three Year Old Photographer

When I read the article about Onafujiri "Fuji" Remet on Huffington Post I was excited for this kids future. At just three years old his father placed a Sony DSLR camera in his hands and with it he has created over 3000 photos already. This article hit home for me because I had a similar experience as a kid and it helped me see the world in a new way.

Fuji's lives in Nigeria and even at just the age of 3 already has quite the following there. His work was recently featured at an exhibition in Lagos. Inspired by his father and sisters, all artists, Fuji is more interested in shooting photos than he is playing with toys as other kids his age are doing. His father was quoted on CNN as saying, "I hope he grows up to become a larger than life photographer, who'll explore his natural platform to impact remarkably on the course of humanity."


When I read about Fuji it reminded me of my own childhood. At the age of 11 my mom introduced me to her SLR camera, the Canon FTb. It was a couple years later that she purchased a new Canon AE-1 and in just a few short months I was using it far more often than she was. My mom always made sure I had fresh rolls of film to use and encouraged me to use the camera as much as I wanted. It was an incredible time of growth in my life. I started to see the world, light, shadows all differently. I continued studying photography in school and fell in love with the art. While I took a detour in college and studied business management and finance, after some years working in the corporate world I was able to go back to doing what I love, shooting photos.


While I don't expect for everyone to look at Fuji's photos as award winning photos, what I do hope is that we read this and feel inspired to help children learn the art of photography. At just the age of three Fuji is already learning to create photographs, see things differently and communicate with people in front of his lens. Surely over the years his work will only continue to get better. I look forward to seeing more photos from Fuji's journey as he grows up with a DSLR in his hands.

Read more about Fuji at the Huffington Post or CNN.
Photos of Fuji courtesy of Pius Kugbere Remet.

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Mike Thorn's picture

This is inspiring. Keep it up, kid.

Arne Bornheim's picture

Not surprised at all.... His name is Fuji after all lol

Spy Black's picture

I hope he's getting some guidance on shooting. I mean it's cool to let him snap away as he pleases, but being as he has a DSLR, might was well show him more than just the shutter release.

Photography DSLR's picture

nice :)