PhotoShelter's 9 Photographers to Follow on Twitter RIGHT NOW

PhotoShelter's 9 Photographers to Follow on Twitter RIGHT NOW

Yesterday PhotoShelter shared a list of 9 rockstar photographers who you should most certainly be following, and we think they did a pretty darn good job narrowing down the field to just a handful. It's stacked with some big names and maybe some you haven't heard of.

Brooke Shaden

Brooke is a fine art photographer based in Arizona who is regularly featured on the [Framed] Network. Her tweets regularly include her own work as well as links to helpful videos, other cool projects, and fun anecdotes.

Zack Arias

Zack is an amazing commercial photographer with a huge Twitter following — and for good reason. What makes Zack’s Twitter feed special is the level of one-on-one engagement with his fans and colleagues.

Eric Kim

Eric is a LA-based street photographer who loves to share his photos, inspiring stories, and tips curated from all around the internet.

Eunique is a wedding and lifestyle photographer and creator of the Because of Them, We Can campaign. Her Twitter feed is full of awesome pictures from the campaign as well as powerful quotes, and some great conversations with her fans.

Mosa’ab Elshamy

Mosa’ab was recognized this year by PDN in their 2014 list of New and Emerging Photographers. Mosa’ab is a 23-year-old, Cairo-based photojournalist who’s career started covering the Egyptian revolution in 2012. Mosa’ab’s Twitter is full of up-to-the-minute news and breathtaking photojournalism.

Lucas is a travel / adventure photographer who uses his Twitter to give a sneak peek of upcoming projects as well as cool behind-the-scenes looks at his work.

Melissa Lyttle

Melissa is a photojournalist and staff photographer at the Tampa Bay Times. Melissa is a tremendous resource in sharing not only her work but the work of her (sometimes lesser-known) peers as well as sharing potential photo-related gigs and job openings.

Corey Rich

Corey is a Nikon Ambassador and adventure / travel photographer. Corey’s Twitter feed is full of amazing behind-the-scenes photos and videos of some of the most exotic locations around the world.

Jason B. Whitman

Jason is a fine art photographer and a Twitter rockstar. His feed is full of retweeted tutorials, beautiful images, and pretty darn funny conversations with fans.

Bonus Twitter-ers

Chase Jarvis

Chase is one of the most popular photographers on Twitter, and for good reason. Every day Chase shares great inspirational and technical ideas through his Twitter and keeps you up to date on all things Creative Live.

Ben Sasso

Ben, also a contributor at Fstoppers, is a superstar photographer and educator based in LA. His Twitter is a great place to stay connected to all things lifestyle photography and photo education as well as awesome sneak peeks at his soon-to-be-published work.


If you’re not following Fstoppers on Twitter you’re missing out. We Tweet out every article we publish, right when we publish. That, and it's run by both Patrick Hall and Jaron Schneider, so you can chat with them there too.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the PhotoShelter / ASMP guide to Twitter. Maybe you'll make it onto this list next time!

[Via Deborah Block @ PhotoShelter]

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This article comes from a good place, but can we have a moratorium on "rockstar photographers" for just one year?


Ha, I was expecting to find the list of Fstopper's photog contributors on this...I love Chase as much as the next guys, but beware, he posts ALOT! So if you sub to him, you better check it often or you will have a flood of upbeat photog exerts.

That's why I switched him off.

Ole Fredrik Nydal's picture

There should be 10 with this guy.
Oh, that´s me.