[Picture] Please Photographers, Stop Wearing Fanny Packs

As photographers, we have the coolest job in the world don't we? There is one thing that is the opposite of cool though. It is the fanny pack wearing photographer. Yes, I know you it might be convenient, but please, just use a normal bag. If you like wearing your gear then I would highly suggest a shoulder bag or a backpack. Anything but a fanny pack.

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Have you recently seen someone overly decked out in fanny packs Lee? What has spurred these posts on bad photographer habits? 

Just having a little laugh :)

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a backpack doesn't work for press, and a shoulder bag is not the best tool in many press covering situations. Don't get the post....

awesome :)

Stupid. I use a newswear vest which is like the above fanny pack but with shoulder straps.

Yeah, backpacks and shoulder bags do not work for real photographers. Using a backback to get gear to location is good, but it is too slow once you are there. 

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How about just a camera and a lens?  At worst a 2nd camera and telephoto on your shoulder.  Anything more than that and hire an assistant....it looks much cooler :)

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I am absolutely furious about this post. Goodbye Fstoppers, you have officially lost my business for good! If you want your 2 million dollar inheritance, send a wire transfer immediately.

lol, Jesse If you are serious you are the most hard core fanny pack wearer in history. 

scratch that, this is the most hard core fanny pack wearer in history http://edge.ebaumsworld.com/picture/Maverick_Hunter/ChuckNorrisFannyPack...

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I think people should post a photo of them wearing their gear and everyone can vote....maybe you are wrong Lee.

Not the newswear vest, but a custom made one from several years ago when I was green. Don't have any recent pics sorry.

That actually does look like an army guy

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Sometimes its function over fashion... That being said, you won't catch me dead wearing a waist system...

Wow. i was thinking of taking an image of myself wearing my thinktank photo Modular set with belt http://photographysilo.com/product-review/thinktank-photo-modular-set/ but i guess i better think twice after reading this post :)

Just wondering if you realise that in other countries (mainly the UK though I suspect), "fanny" is a euphemism for something slightly different?

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We just got back from the UK.....we were well informed :)

Shame I couldn't make the London meet up not long ago. Maybe I'll get to the next one (if you do another).

I know this post was made in... HUGE jest. But, even when I do cover press events with two bodies and two lenses, plus a smaller 50mm in a bag, that doesn't cut it for running sidelines at an NFL or NCAA BCS game. I don't have an assistant so with a 17-35, 50mm, 70-200, and a 400, 500, or 600mm, a backpack does not work, and a shoulder bag bounces around. I know I look like a dork, but I get the shots.

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Saw this photo of one of our friends here in Charleston and I think she has the right idea:  

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Wow, dude. Just. Wow. Is there no internal critiquing before you click the Publish button?

I'm sure you intended this to be in jest, but I can tell you as a reader it didn't come across as witty or even mildly amusing. And it doesn't appear from your responses you understand the impact of your own words.

It's irrelevant whether the post was supposed to be funny; the point is its negativity. Why would you want to dump hatorade all over the wonderful little photo/film community you've created here? I thought you developed this company/site to inspire and showcase. What value do posts like this provide? Will a single reader take a better photo? Create a better film? Get anything of value? I mean, can you imagine Chase Jarvis ever posting this kind of negativity?!? 

Forget photography, as small business owners I'm stunned you didn't self censor this one. Stop trying to lighten the mood in your responses and pause for a second to think about how this may have been interpreted by your readers.

Lame, dude. Lame.

I am speechless

I actually think that this is a more ridiculous write up here than the actual article.

Mark, what's wrong with humor? ...and a little photog-community self-deprecation is good for the soul. People shouldn't take themselves too seriously, life's too short. Laugh it up, live long, and prosper!


I think his fanny pack is a little too tight. 

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I am painfully aware of "The Fanny Pack Stigma" which coincidentally is a great name for a band.  I've used several different waist systems (note my avoidance of the "f" and "p" word) and against every ounce of coolness I posses I can't get around the convenience and speed of such a system.  I get made fun of almost every time I wear it....by my wife.  I have found that the symmetry of the bag on the photographers body can help deflect some of it's chapstick/sunblock carrying nerdyness.  When worn slightly askew one can retain a small shred of their cool photographer mystique.  I tell myself this every time I use it so please for the love of McNally don't burst my bubble.  I've attached the bio picture from my website for all of you to ridicule. 

Thank you for having a sense of humor. 

You are going to laugh when you see my picture with 5 "fanny" packs but hey i can have a lot of gear on my at all times as you can see here: http://photographysilo.com/2011/10/how-to-configure-and-pack-your-thinkt...  i also force my assistants to wear it and they hate it. i need to get a picture of it next time.

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