Sounds of the Shutter

When buying a new camera, the first thing you'll notice is the change in sound from the mechanical shutter. When I bought my 5d Mark II for the first time, I was convinced that my shutter was broken, based on the low pitched ‘clunk’ it was making. Thanks to these latest YouTube videos, we can sit back and experience the sounds of all the shutters for our favorite cameras.

Cameras from the video above -- 300D, 1100D, 350D, 440D, 550D, 5D Mark II, 6D, 30D, 1Ds Mark III, 5D Mark III, 60D, 50D, 40D, 7D, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, and 1D X.

Nikon Cameras below -- D700, D3X, D300S, D7000, D800 and D4.




Sorry Sony & Pentax shooters, nothing for you.

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Jens Marklund's picture

From experience, the 5D mk II has a terrible shutter sound. The D7000 is not my liking either. I do like my D700 though. Ridiculous topic though haha.

The high pitch noise at the end of every frame on the cheaper Canon bodies must be added for effect right? Feels like they want it to sound like film winding on the film bodies (just like the sound you hear in movies).

I have to respectfully disagree, I am madly in love with the "Ker-klunk" my 5DmkII makes :)

oh i love it myself :)

It sounds like money being made to me.

No wonder photography it's being banned everywhere! So annoying!

You my friend simply don't have a appreciation for that sexy sound.

Sexy for me is way far from this.

As simple as it is, I really like the video of the Canons. Nice pictures, good quality sound. Can someone re-do the Nikon video like this?

Nikon owners aren't as concerned with quality as much so probably not. hehe :-P

This is why the canon vs nikon war continues, because of silly comments like this. Use what you think works best for you. Leave the canon vs nikon comments to the Ken Rockwell readers please.

I bet you'd like to live in a world where no one is allowed to have any fun.

Jens Marklund's picture

The D5200 actually performs pretty well when it comes to video. Quality close to the 5D mk III, check out for the comparison. But no aperture control in live view, and low frame rate in live view makes Nikon cameras a pain to film with.

I like the color of Canons more too (files). That's just me, and I've always shot Nikon.

I think he's talking about the quality of the videos in this post.

I'll make it and put it on the same channel, as soon as I get some time :P

Im gonna go with 7D has the best sounding rapid fire. only thing I miss about it when I moved to a 5d, but that's pretty much it.

I love my old nikon D3 sound...crunch!

I'm a Canon user and the D3 is the best sounding camera I've ever heard.. Though I do quite like the sounds the 1Ds3 1D4 and 1Dx make as well

Jeez. The 1Dx sounds like a machine gun...

Jamie Maldonado's picture

Except it's mostly the sound of the mirror going up and down ... Still, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I'm going to make a video of the Fuji X100 sound. Actually, I will just describe it below:

" "

Couldn't get any nerdier than this post, haha..

Looking forward to a time when there no more mirrors to go clickity clack. Shooting in total silence would make my weddings SO much easier...

Get a sound blimp.

I had a similar experience as the author. I went from a 550D to a 5D mark 3, and when I slapped that battery in, fired it up and let loose with a few frames, I thought for sure something was wrong. It sounded like a titanium erector set was smashed by an angry toddler. Now I have grown to love it, and even pick it out amongst the cacophony of shutters at press conferences. But it is nice to slip into silent shutter mode when it's warrented.

Mister Motel.'s picture

sound like a sewing machine to me.

D4 and 1DX sounds like a machine gun

loool they definitely made the canon 550d quieter in the video, i shot on one shot for a long time and loved the quality but absolutely hated the sound. people are forgetting the nikon d600, sounds like the d7000 but more satisfying!

They shot the 1DX in 14fps which means the mirror was locked up. Would have been even louder at 12 fps

Patryk M's picture

Best sound ever is the Nikon F5 -35mm Film. Never heard anything more solid.