The Virtual Camera Simulator

Our email has been flooded the last couple of days with this neat little flash program. At some point in your photographic journey, you've probably wondered how different shutter speeds and focal lengths affect your images. The guys over at Camera Sim have built an interactive flash simulator that lets you choose your ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length, and even the lighting to expose for the perfect shot. I have to admit, I spent a good 5 minutes playing with all the settings and seeing how everything would turn out. I'm a little suspicious of the image created at 1 foot away @ 18mm but it's probably not an exact science. Imagine how much easier it would have been to learn what all these function do to your images if you had this back in the archaic era film era!

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Shouldn't this be called the Camera Simulator, rather than a Virtual Camera Simulator.. as it's not simulating a virtual camera, rather it's simulating a camera :) Doubling up on the virtual/simulation

This could be beneficial in a beginner's photog course or for the casual photographer.

Very well made!