Want to Help Fstoppers? Update Your RSS Feed!

One of the joys of running a site like Fstoppers as a full time photographer is learning all the little tricks that helps make a high traffic site run smoothly. We recently ran a poll to see how often our readers were visiting our site, and we were shocked to learn how many of you are staying updated through our RSS feed. We were also shocked by the amount of emails we received from readers who were having problems with their feed. Long story short, we updated the RSS feed a few times and 90% of our readers are subscribed to our initial feed which is bogging down our server, a few are subscribed to a feed that is not sending out every post, and if you recently found Fstoppers you are probably subscribed to the current feed we just launched 10 days ago. So in an effort to standardize everything and help relieve stress on our server we'd appreciate it if you could follow the Updated Fstoppers RSS Feed located on the top of the site. If you have to type in the link into your reader it is http://feeds.feedburner.com/fstoppersfeed

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With a couple of rewrite rules on your server you can solve the problem for those who don't read this post. Or just block the old urls.

No problem! I went into Google Reader, and I was indeed subscribed to the original feed direct from your server. I put the new one in and deleted the old one! Hope that helps you guys keep the site running smooth!

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Any wordpress users out there who know how to get this puke green color off our sticky posts?

is this the same as if i put it on my google reader?

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Yep, as long as you are using this link on any reader you should be good. Thanks guys, I know it can be a pain updating this stuff.

Just thought of something that would help us RSS readers :
We only get the first portion and don't get the "View rest of the post" link as per the website unless we click through to go to the site. So sometimes a post can contain multiple videos but we only see 1. Mentioning that there are other videos would be helpful.