Young Leibovitz Speaks About Her Work.

Annie Leibovitz is, in my opinion, one of the only photographers that has managed to become a household name. She is so iconic that even people that don't care about photography seem to know who she is. That's why this video is so cool. In it we get to hear a young version of the 63 year old icon talk about her hopes for the future. Hopes, interestingly enough, that have become her actual life. From Richard Pryor to John Lennon the day he was killed, Leibovitz talks about some of her most successful images...from a time when they weren't yet so iconic.

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richard "pryor" whom, I would say is a much more 'household name" than Annie L. unless you have avid photography hobbyists in your household.

Do fstoppers have editors? Just curious...

HA! I didn't catch what spell check did there.

Anyway, I wasn't saying that Annie L. was more well known that someone like Richard Pryor at all...just that she's a recognized name even by people that aren't into photography.

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Over rated!!

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But, that can be the case for any photographer that finds commercial success.