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My brother and I love doing ATV and snowmobiling photos. This day he had his green gear on, so we went to some green scenery. I liked the overall look of the photo. First Fstoppers post :D

Canon 6D
142mm · f/2.8 · 1/800s · ISO 640
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Great shot man, Really like the nice light on the top of the cattails with the shallow DOF, really looks warm and relaxing. The mud on the atv looks cool too, It would be interesting to see this same shot with the jersey covered in mud too,

Thanks for the feedback!

don't watermark

I'm not allowed to?

you're allowed 2 do whatever u want with ur work fam, the thing with watermarking imo is that unless you're an event photographer you shouldn't watermark; it takes a lot of estethic away from the image; if you're worried someone will steal your work believe me it will happen; you can just crop or clone stamp in ps.