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Prairie Fun

I really wanted to include an action shot that showed a classic prairie structure, a grain elevator. The snow was starting to melt, and I was running out of time to use the elevator as my prop for an action shot. I originally planned to use a snowmobile in the photo, but couldn't figure out a way to make it work.

I got my cousin, Tyson, and my brother, Michael, out to the elevator with a snowboard and a tow rope. We hooked it up to my brother's SUV and pulled Tyson towards our little jump. The framing worked out perfectly and the shadow on the elevator was a pleasant surprise. I decided to use multiple frames in the shadow area to show the sequence of the action.

Was lucky enough to have this end up as a semi finalist for Red Bull Illume 2019 :D

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Took me a while to spot the shadows (before I read the comment).