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Indoor natural shot with amazing Adelka.

You can find me also here:

Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/3.5 · 1/250s · ISO 400
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Incredible shot. Nice work. Beautiful model!

Hello Mike! Sorry, I was not logged here some time. Thank you very much for nice comment! She is really beautiful. I will post more photos with her soon :-)

Yes, she is perfect! :-)

Muy atractiva


Thank you very much! :-) Sorry, I have missed this comment.


Thank you very much! :-) Sorry, I have missed this comment.

Just gorgeous! Love your retouching skills as well!

Thank you very much! :-) Sorry, I have missed this comment. I try still to improve, so hope it will be better and better :-)

The natural lighting on this model is excellent. The model, posing & the way the model's hair falls over the shoulder is top notch. Thank you for sharing this image!

Thank you very much, Jay! ;-) I was a bit lucky with this shot. This contrasty light was here only about 1 minute and then it was gone, but we had luckily made this shot and I am very happy with it :-)

Wonderful photo, and beautifully lit. However, please look at her left hand! That, to me, destroys this photo. I am sorry to be so negative on this one item, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the highlights on her knuckles, and then it went downhill from there. This woman is exquisitely beautiful and her expression is divine. Other than her hand, this photo is perfect. Please do not slam me for this observation..I am in no way as capable as this photographer.

Good pose and expression from the model and use of the light