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Waiting for him

Indoor natural shot with beautiful Adela.

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Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/2.0 · 1/320s · ISO 100
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I really like it! Maybe just crop it a little tighter from the top. That space above her head isn't really important to the image. That model is awesome though!

Thank you a lot, Matthew! When I look at it, tighter crop would be better. I will think more about it next time. Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.

I love this image. I gave it 4 stars, but I would have given it 5 if the wild hairs on top would have been cleaned up. She is beautiful and the lighting is very nice, but the wild hairs brought it down for me. Very nice work though. Also, perfect title for it. I'm a huge title fan. ;)

Hello Rocco! :-) Sorry, I have missed your comment. I am new here and not so often online.
Thank you for your comment. There was a fan during the shooting and I liked this photo a lot. I also did not like these hairs on the top and wanted to fix it in post, but I tried some ways and it did not look very well, because there is slight gradient on the background. I know some ways to fix it, but none of it worked for me in this photo, so I left it as it is :-)

Maybe frequency separation?

Nice work bro!

Thank you a lot, bro! :-)

Neat! Love the pic!