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Adelka :-)

Simple portrait with amazing Adelka :-)
You know I like very simple portraits which I shoot in my living room. I have the only window, white wall and enthusiasm for shooting. I like to get back to some photos after some time and often find something I missed during first culling. This is one of these. In fact this was half body portrait, but I liked especially the expression, so made very tight crop. This is why I love my Sony - it has enough details to do this :-)

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very nice!

Thank you a lot, Rafael! :-)

I think your brush got away a bit by her thumb maybe, but other than that, its excellent. She says so much with her eyes.

Thank you very much, Gary! And you are right - I have missed this mistake. I really like to shoot with her - she is one of the models with speaking eyes.
Thank you for it! ;-)

So nice to see texture on a face :-) Nice

Thank you a lot, Joseph! ;-)

Stunning :-)

Love the emotion and hair movement!

Thank you a lot, Gabrielle! :-) I like to use the fan in most of my shootings and you never know what photo you do - I cannot do the same again and this is how I like it :-))