Veronika :-) by Milan R

Veronika :-)

July 27, 2016

Indoor natural portrait with beautiful Veronika.

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Pim Nauta's picture

hI Milan,probably the third time I leave a comment on this photo............Stays a great photo!

Yes, I know :-) Thank you very much, Pim! :-) I post these photo to different channels in different times :-)

Rafael Orczy's picture

simply amazing!

Thank you very much, Rafael! :-)

right simple lightning, perfect focus, the right coloring, and the model is wonderful

Thank you very much, aldo! I like simple shots the most :-) Veronika is one of the bests I have shot.

Beautiful girl . A lot of love this here .

Thank you so much, Angelina! :-) She is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever shot by sure.

Cute girl, nice photo )

Thank you very much, Ivan! This model is amazing :-)

Caroline Miller's picture

Beautiful light

Thank you very much, Caroline! :-)

Great shot, great model, great framing. Absolutely amazing!

Great framing, great model, great shot. Absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much, Sascha!

Michael Porterfield's picture

Captivating image. :)