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Natural portrait with Barca in the window

Simple window shot inspired by master of window shots Sean Archer :-)
This is shot in not very good conditions in my living room with natural light only. It is not as easy as it looks, but I like this kind of photos :-)

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85mm · f/1.7 · 1/100s · ISO 500
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Is there a 85 1.7 out there? 1.8, yes. Very nice work. 100 shutter speed is bold.

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Thanks a lot, Allen! :-) I have used Sony 85 1.4 Gmaster. I am not sure, why the camera saved f1.7 in EXIF. I have the only one idea. F-stop 1.8 is not exactly 1.8 - it is more something like 1,78, so the camera can only truncate the f-stop to 1 decimal place instead of rounding.

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great work!

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Thank you, Kieran! :-)

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Beautiful work Milan

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Thank you a lot, Carlos! :-)

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wow. I bow down to you master.

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Thank you so much, Andy! :-) However this was mainly being lucky during the shooting :-)

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