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One day we have arranged shooting with unexperienced Sona - only young girl who wanted to try some shooting with me in TFP collaboration. We were shooting outdoor and then some indoor shots. I like a bit sexy portraits and this was again only natural light, white wall in my living room, fan and some postprocessing. You know, I often like unexperienced models - they look more natural, no artificial expression thez do 200 times a day - they only look at the camera and that's all.

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Model's IG: https://www.instagram.com/sona.machy/

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Sometimes unexperienced models will give the best photos.
Well done dude!

She is beautiful! Nicely done!

Nice girl

WHAT??? With the awesome photography you do and YOU have trouble getting TFP models??? Man, I don't stand a chance! She's young and pretty, and I really like the photo - the lighting, the background, and the colors. Really great!

Thank you very much, Jim! :-) You know I do not have so big problems in finding experienced models, but sometimes I prefer unexperienced ones - when you are lucky, they look very natural. Experienced models sometimes make pose, artificial smile and it is not so good, not so natural and realistic.