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Green eyes of Terezka

Indoor natural portrait with amazing Terezka.

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55mm · f/2.0 · 1/125s · ISO 250
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This is a fantastic shot. The line of light on the face is a little distracting for me, but you've clearly put some work into this shot, which makes me think you've left it in deliberately, which is cool!

Really excellent stuff!

Thank you so much, Sean! ;-) You are right when I look at the photo and think about this line. I would have to soften it in postprocessing, but the light was harder during the shooting and the result could be less realistic. I would have to try it...
I am the only amateur and this is the only hobby. I often miss some mistakes, especially when I look at the photo longer time during the editing :-)

I just want to congratulate you for all these wonderful portraitures.
Everything is excellent, especially the lighting.

Thank you so much, Jean-Christophe! I have always shoot with strobes, but then I wanted some change and found Sean Archer's photos on 500px and also offer for some skype lessons, so I had one 3hour lesson, where he gave me many advices and teached me to use natural light and how to start with it. From this time I love natural light - I have simply left everything as it is and started in a new way... and I am really very happy for it :-)

what a gorgeous shot, I love your photo iam a semi pro guy still learning alot about light but i luv ur stuff

This is absolutely priceless. It is a superb image. The image is cropped just the way most head shots should be. There is no negative space on either side of this breathtaking model. I can view the catch light in her eyes. The lighting is very nice. If it is true that a person's eyes are the window to one's soul, this woman must have a wonderful soul. Thank you for sharing this image. I am new to this site.