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sculpture 1

The look for these were done in LIghtroom (as an experiment) not photoshop...I had seen some of George Seurat's conte crayon studies for his larger paintings, they are done on toothy paper with (what looks like) mostly the side of the crayons - they are very dark, dreamy and beautiful. I had these drawings in mind when editing this set of Ruben. Ruben came in for a simple headshot, I found out he was a dancer and...well we did do the headshot but we had more fun with him leaping. The studio was not set up for full body (I usually just need a little wall for headshots), so some of the shots have all kinds of cords and clutter in them - I think it all worked well though - Ruben is so beautiful in form and shape, like sculpture, and in amongst all the clutter it's great contrast. To me they are such new yorky shots - raw and real and beautiful.

Canon 7D
19mm · f/9.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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