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Camping on the volcano Etna

A few weeks before the eruption of October 26 2013, the south-east crater of Etna had already manifested phenomena of explosive activity.
On the evening of October 25, I made an arrangement with my cousin for camping on the volcano and making several photographs.
Later that day we started to walk down the path that would have taken us to the Valle del Bove. Once there, we put up the tent and spent the night taking several photographs.
During the first hours of the night we started to hear some roars coming from the crater, so we looked out of the tent and saw that it had started to erupt, resuming its explosive activity which had stopped a few weeks before.
It was a great sensation to see a spectacle of nature like that and be one of the firsts to see it so closely. So we caught the opportunity to film and photograph in order to keep it as a memory, not just a mental one, but also visual one.

18mm · f/3.5 · 25s · ISO 1000
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Wow man. Nice shot. Most people would have just taken this shot letting the volcano steal the show. What do you do? You place a pup tent lighted from the inside as a foreground element! Talk about creative and interesting composition. My hat's off to you on this one with the creative composition, taking the shot at just the right time of night to capture the star canopy, and throw in a volcano for even more interest. I really admire your work. Thanks for this!

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Thank you so much Mike! I am so glad for you words and for the time you dedicated to me by commenting this photo! :)