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Dads love

He vowed to do anything to protect his son and be there for him always. When I proposed a concept with his son, he obliged willinging

Canon 5D
70mm · f/6.3 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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The text under this photo doesn't make sense. Is the "He vowed" the adult in the photo, or the photographer? If anyone is being protected it would seem to be the adult, being shielded by the infant covering his back. The idea that the photographer proposed a concept with the infant - "his son" - I just don't get the concept. The photo is technically fine, but just needs another title and concept; something relating to the child loving the adult. The adult appears to be under some duress, or stress, rather than being involved with the child.

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Thanks Mac for your interpretation of my photo. Cultures do vary and your opinion I must say holds water in certain cultures, It does not here. carrying kids on our back is not the most enjoying thing to do but we do sometimes do under duress like you said...all for love. Maybe I will reconsider my copy in subsequent post. Cheers buddy

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I assumed that this wasn't a self-portrait. Therefore, the adult in the photo was either the father being referred to or was assuming that role in the story. Very good work! The lighting is really well done.

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I think the concept here is perfect. The child resting while the dad appears to be supporting not only the child, but many other burdens works very well to my mind. Very well conceived and executed.

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Yes, I lover this shot.

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Stunning I love everything about it very powerful indeed.