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NYC PULSE / Day and Night

66 individual photos to compose a huge final image
4 hours lapse to capture day and sunset in one final image
The image is so big you can see cars in the street.

Canon 5D Mark III
67mm · f/9.0 · 1/80s · ISO 160
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this is incredible!
keep up the awesome work.

Thanks My friend.

Superb work, what was the filesize of the final image, just out of curiosity?

Thanks Christopher.... 160 cm wide at 300 dpis.... HUGE!.. you could print a 300 cm image with great resolution!

this looks so beautiful

Thanks Sr.!!!

amazing work, well done!

Thank you Eran.

Holy Shoot!
I love insanely gigantic images (I recently came back home with a 1.2 gigapixel shot of Mt. Rushmore LOL) but this looks superb.
Is it possible to see a few details of this shot at full resolution?

Thanks Paolo... I will publish some details in my facebook fan page in tow more weeks... This image is going to be sold in the YellowKorner galleries, when they release it I will then share details and info... Thanks mate.


Thank you Oliver!

This is great! Did you use an intervalometer or release the shutter manually each time?

Hi Brian... was done manually... 3 shots per image (for high dynamic range) 2 seconds timer.

Incredible is a suitable understatement.

Thanks mate!

This is amazing

66 photos, that is inspirational. So are they stacked on top like bricks? Plus how did you get it with no boats disturbing the water?

They are long exposure!!!.... thanks!

Gotta love it, if only for the level of technical difficulty. Impressive results is an obvious plus. Highly rated. Well deserved.

Five Stars and Five Points ;)