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Valigia da Viaggio nel Tempo

Did this commissioned project for Gucci and Hot Wheels as part of Gucci's 100th anniversary celebration! Hot Wheels has immortalized the 1982 Gucci Cadillac Seville creating this limited edition 1/65 scale car which is the first high fashion collaboration for Hot Wheels and first official collectible from Gucci.

For the project I decided to go further and not just making a photo production, but as well creating a collectible piece by recreating a miniature diorama of Gucci's first shop in Florence, inside a wooden box that stands as a "travel in time suitcase", which included the Hot Wheels x Gucci limited edition scale car.

This Hot Wheels x Gucci collaboration was a real joy and one of my most beloved projects so far… For what these brands represents in the design world.

Only 5,000 pieces of this limited-edition miniature version of the ’82 model are available in selected Gucci stores and on gucci.com

You can see the BTS video here: https://youtu.be/4ZgBxmZbJR0

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Quite amazing!

Thanks mate!