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Studio shooting with Mary Gram with a simple one-light set-up.

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I like her face, clean and smooth. overall tonality is bit static, yet seems correct. First thing that disturbes me when I saw the image was the shadow on her back - alot of uneven things going on there and distracts me from contemplating her. Additionally I feel that the colors are little too warm for me - but it's just up for a personal taste i guess. Her hairs shows empty space where they divide, bit unlucky i guess, can be little fixed in Photoshop i think. Lastly - I feel there is too much flattering light over her face, maybe darkening + adding contrast could help here.

Just a few cents from my side, feel free to ignore them as they pretty subjective. Cheers,

No, thanks for your constructive feedback. Agree on the empty spaces and the highlights :)