Selfie by Bryan Dockett
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June 21, 2014

Selfie but I promise I'm not that mean/serious looking :)

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Adam Bender's picture

There is a sensibility to your work that I appreciate. Nice self portrait. Looks like you added a blur in post? Maybe a tighter crop would have been an alternative to get the focus more on your face. Just a thought. I'm very open to hearing any criticism you may have for me as well. All the best!

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Thanks Adam, thanks for the feedback. The blur wasn't required/needed so hopefully as I grow i'll stop using it as much. :)

Adam Bender's picture

I can totally understand your choice to use it. I've found myself going there too. If you're looking for that extra shallow DOF you could look into a ND filter. I just ordered a 3-stop ND for that same purpose ($21 from B&H)). I hope to try it out soon to get that look in camera.