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Urban Beauty

Shot this past weekend. 8/08 at the beach here in Chicago, IL. I’ve been anxious to shoot, since I haven’t had a real photo shoot in a few months. I figured for this shoot I would step out of my comfort zone and test myself a bit. I decided to shoot outdoors and during sunrise. I wanted to show Chicago can be bit of a urban paradise. I had team, a location, and a plan. Time to shoot. As I come to expect from most of my plans; plan on nothing plans changing. my assistant cancelled on me at the last moment so my plan to use flash was scrapped. I knew I wasn’t going to be capture of photos I had in mind without a flash. Or so I thought. Half way into the session I figured I’d give HDR bracketing and the new Lightroom HDR merger a try. I’m very pleased with the HDR feature in LR. Have 10 stops of DR is pretty awesome. I used the HDR merger for overall corrections and used one of the base photos for skin retouching in PS. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. More to come….

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Like the softness. Little more exposure of her face would be nice. I suspect you were losing light quickly. Frame is great. Nice work.