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Ferrari 488GTB Lurking

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the first Ferrari 488 GTB on South African soil. This was actually shot in a wash bay - time with the car was limited so I had to do what I could, wherever I could. Using a Broncolor Move pack with one head, a stipbox and a boom arm, I was able to light the car in such a small space with no photoshop (except to clean up some dirt on the paint).

Canon 5D Mark III
100mm · f/18.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Thanks Djordje!!!

Very well done! :)
The 2 reflecting lines, are these from your light source? They work very well.

They are. Reflecting from either the windscreen or the roof of the car - I can't remember, but I decided to keep them as they add a sense of scale

Totally agree!

Love it!