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War and Peace

War and Peace...
War is though. Veterans continue in it after years it ended. At home, inside their families, inside their heads, and some times the only way to find peace is a cruel end.

Shot at studio using a scaled model / Toy photography Using a 3 lights setup

Canon 5D Mark III
58mm · f/14.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Oh my god this image is so powerful, so emotional. It is sad and makes me feel angry and helpless. That is exactly what a photo like this should be. Well done mate.

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Thanks Tyler... I had this idea in my head for a while... and just some day ago I had the chance to bring it out!... I Agree with you... is a sad but powerful felling... It's a true story of millions of soldiers through all times... It is a story that we have to tell again and again and never forget.

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How did you achieve this? I'm assuming focus stacking and composite layers such as the birds and the snow, is that correct?

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That is right Tyler... The scaled model was shot over a diorama... for the ground I used flour and a white background... Focus staking, about 15 shots... then in ps inserted trees, the dove, the crow, and some snowflakes.

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I can't tell you how much I love (and relate) to this photo Felix.
Beautiful work indeed.

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Thanks you Matt... Why relate... tell me!... Saludos.

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I have served in the military now for over twenty years Felix and as you might imagine, have a number of friends who are (or had been) suffering with PTSD.

It is very real and can be very frightening and your picture here reminds me of that everytime I see it.

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Espectacular, desde el tema hasta la Concepcion. Super

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