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Chilling Saddness

This is part of a portrait shoot where I wanted the styling of the model to be inspired by the character Lagertha from the TV series 'Vikings'

In this particular shot we had been using a fan to blow her around for awhile. As such the models eyes began to tear up. I wanted to capture the tear as it began to fall and waited for the right moment.

135mm · f/4.5 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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Great image! I love the color grading and lighting. The framing is excellent and the kicker on the right side of her face is nicely balanced with the rest of the lighting. It is really hard to find much to suggest with this image. The only thing that I notice initially is that there is no catch light in her right eye. That may have been done intentionally for mood but I thought that for balance sake, it might be nice to have the lighting of both eyes be the same. Just a thought though. Great job!

Thanks for the comment. CC is always welcomed.

Just wanted to clarify you would try adding a catch light to her right eye(the one that's in the shadows)?

Hi! Yes, sorry if I wasn't clear =)

I like this. The only thing I noticed it it looks like either you used the blur tool on her face in some parts or the main light created to strong of highlights and blew out the texture on some parts of the skin. I would suggest maybe adding back in the skin texture in those parts, especially the corner of the mouth. Great image overall though love the mood and feel.

Thanks for the comment.

CC always appreciated. Looking at the ps file there is texture there but the texture's shadows aren't as deep as the area between the nose and cheek. perhaps if i sampled some of the texture just below the cheek it could help balance it.

Beautiful shooting I love the concept. I agree with Ian McCann the colours work very well together. Focus is a bit soft for me, the hair loosing a bit of detail. The shadow on the tip of her nose is also a bit weird. The catch light as Damon mentioned. Other than that - Well Done